Saturday, August 2, 2008

Summer fun

After doing absolutely nothing all summer, we were able to go to

We didn't want to have to carry anything so we did not have a

and it was soooooo

But we had each other and we acted like some


Jessica said...

I loved Lagoon. Haven't been since I was 12, but we are going to "try" to go sometime in the year after Jessa's born, otherwise I'll be stuck pregnant & never get to ride the rides. I think David Jr. has talked Nathan out of Lagoon since he didn't like it once....but we'll see about that!

Did you have them take your picture at the entrance? I bet you got to go on a lot more rides without lugging stuff around!

Tricia said...

I haven't been there forever!! Do they still have the log ride??

Zack said...

Yep, they still have the log ride (officially called the "Log Flume"), but the few droplets of water you get sprinkled with on the Log Flume are nothing compared to the absolute drenching you get on the Rattlesnake Rapids ride. We rode Rattlesnake Rapids a couple of times right after we arrived at the park, and we were pretty much soaked to the bone (at least I was) for about the next hour or so. I had to stop at one of the rest rooms and wring out my shirt.

You should've seen Mikey when he rode the Tidal Wave, though. To me, the look on his face was kind of sad, yet mildly hilarious at the same time. Every time the Tidal Wave boat came down in the direction he was facing, he had this "death grip" on the lap bar in front of him, and he'd hold his breath with an extremely furrowed brow and had a sickened, troubled look on his face like an alien was about to pop out of his stomach. The first thing out of Mikey's mouth as he exited the ride after riding it was, "I totally hated that ride!"