Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good News!!!

Finally, I have found a junk food that is actually not too unhealthy for you.

These are actually just made out of corn meal mixed with water. Then the mixture is forced through a tiny hole at a high rate of speed. This makes the water in them boil instantly making steam which makes them puff up into these yummy treats. Then they are dusted with cheese - real cheese, too!

Corn - good
Water - good
Cheese - goooood

All this I learned from a show called "Unwrapped" on the Food Network. Yep - I am sooooo busy.

Am I just trying too hard to justify this type of stuff?


Tonya said...

Where do you get them?

Amber said...

On the east coast. Just my luck!

Jourdan said...

no comment...


Amber said...

I was thinking about you the whole time I wrote this post, Jourdan!!

I have to keep it up or my reputation is shot. Just kidding.

The Eggett Family said...

No your not trying to hard - It's just like Ketchup is a vegetable right? :)

Suzie said...

love your justification.

have you tried pop chips!?

and about Strawberries Romanoff
technically it's Strawberries dipped in sour cream and then brown sugar. Keats just skips the SC but if I have it, adds cool whip!

also, send your boys down for a photo shoot with me!
email me :)

Erika said...

I always have to say to myself, "even 'healthy' junk food, is still junk food"... but I eat bad anyway. I go in cycles, 3 month really healthy, 2 months not so much and so on... why does all the bad stuff just taste so dang good?!

Jessica said...

icky poo's!....but I am pregnant.