Friday, August 29, 2008

Love Her !!!

Too bad she's not running as the GOP Presidential Nominee.

Monday, August 25, 2008

MTC update

OK, I think we might have to re-think this idea of trying new foods. Saturday night was a little on the traumatic side.
Zacky was "called" to the Atlanta, Georgia Mission. For our new meal we ate Frogmore Stew.

This is simply corn on the cob, new red potatoes, Old Bay seasoning, smoked sausages, and shrimp. It was actually kind of fun. Once it all is cooked you cover your kitchen table with newspapers and then you drain the "stew". Once drained, you dump it out onto the table and everyone digs in. That was the fun part. Apparently, I didn't feel as if it was different enough from our usual foods so I decided to add clams.

Bad idea.

We were hoping that everyone would just try one clam. At first it wasn't too bad. Erasers don't have too much taste after all. Then, on my third chew, liquid gushed out of something and I nearly gagged. However, I noticed that the others were doing their best to be brave and they were trying it. Success! They were expanding their horizons - our 'MTC' goal for the week had been accomplished!

Then came Mikey's turn. We sandwiched his clam in between two pieces of sausage to make it easier on him. Unfortunately, I don't think that helped.

He sat like this for 1/2 an hour until he finally choked it down. Ice cream for everyone!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The new MTC

We all know that the first Missionary Training Center that our children will attend is in our own homes. We are going to kick it up a notch. We have discovered that our children are becoming more and more resistant to try anything new when it comes to food. So, Zack and I conspired, schemed, and devised a wonderfully wicked plan. Muwahahahahahahaha!!!!

For F.H.E. we explained that when they are on their missions they will HAVE to try new foods so that they can 1. not starve and 2. not offend their member families or investigators. To help them truly realize that this will happen at some point on their missions I read to them a bit of a letter sent to the ward from one of our missionaries. He had to eat "menudo" or in his words "cow-gut soup". This Elder is serving within the continental US, too!

Anyway, we are starting a new tradition to help them prepare for this. Once a week, one of them (we rotate who's turn it is) will receive a mission call. That night at dinner we will have a new meal from that area that none of us have ever tried. We will also learn a few tidbits of information about that country or state so that we can all be enlightened. (No, Tommy, the mission call cannot be to McDonald's)

The biggest problem I have found is that it can be difficult to find even some of the more simple ingredients. Anyone ever see the movie, Mobsters and Mormons? The poor woman couldn't find anything more exotic than boiled ham. So true for our area!!!

Fortunately for me, I get to pick the meal, so I won't be surprised by anything and I can keep all the ingredients a secret! I am so excited about this...

Monday, August 18, 2008


Angelina Jolie? Michael Phelps? Brad Pitt? Tom Hanks? Julia Roberts? Nope...I'm not as hip as that. I have never considered myself to be a celebrity fanatic but I finally have found two people I really like and would probably fall all over myself if I ever ran into them (not to mention possibly wetting my britches at the same time).

My two faves are him

and her

Zack always teases me that if there was a church ran by these two - I'd belong. Apparently, I talk a lot about what I learned that day to anyone who will listen to me.
He is hilarious and right on "grab your pitchforks and torches!" and she speaks to my southern roots and my love of family & food.
I love to hear her speak - "Let's put this water on to bole" - "Add some olive ole" and my personal fave, "Great time of day! To hell with that - just deep fry it!"
Zack's favorite line of hers is..."Everyone teases me for using so much butter when I cook, so today, I am going to make healthier food without using any butter. Well, except for one tablespoon". She just can't help it.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Scotty's new look

Last Friday, Scotty fell down our stairs again, only this time he went backwards.
We were going on our vacation on Sunday and he wouldn't have been able to swim if it was broken, so being the stellar parents that we are, we decided to just "watch it" and see how he did while we were away. His arm never swelled up and he played around like normal the entire time we were in Park City. However, during our getaway, we noticed that he was still holding it carefully and not wanting to do much with it. The poor little guy never complained unless someone grasped his hand or he banged it on something. Well, he seems to be pretty pleased with the new look and was so perfectly well behaved during the 4 hour doctor/hospital visit. In fact, the only one losing it was Zack when he saw them wrapping his little arm up in the cast. Not that I can blame him - I get choked up whenever I think of him hurting but not ever saying anything to anyone about it.

Friday, August 8, 2008

So close I can almost taste it

Can you feel it?

Can you feel it in the air?

It's coming, slowly but surely.
The children start school in ten days (but who's counting?), the weather is starting to cool....ish, and my skin is tingling with excitement. This is the beginning of my favorite seven months of the year. I can't get enough of it.

I am wanting to get their Halloween costumes, carve the Thanksgiving turkey, watch our favorite Christmas movies with popcorn, and go sledding for hours at a time. The mere mention of upcoming football games, hot chocolate, the kaleidoscope of leaves falling to the ground, and just the smell of frost in the air, brings to mind all of my warm fuzzies past. I am wanting more and more of those types of moments.

I was recently reminded to keep the magic like this alive for our children for as long as possible. The outside world can be harsh,cold, and cruel...I want my world to be warm, cozy, happy, and safe. I am recharged at this time of the year. I feel energetic, vibrant, and even closer to the Spirit.

If you catch me unaware, you might notice a small tear in my eye, a silly grin on my face, and my heart swelled up so big, it just might burst. I can't wait - can you?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good News!!!

Finally, I have found a junk food that is actually not too unhealthy for you.

These are actually just made out of corn meal mixed with water. Then the mixture is forced through a tiny hole at a high rate of speed. This makes the water in them boil instantly making steam which makes them puff up into these yummy treats. Then they are dusted with cheese - real cheese, too!

Corn - good
Water - good
Cheese - goooood

All this I learned from a show called "Unwrapped" on the Food Network. Yep - I am sooooo busy.

Am I just trying too hard to justify this type of stuff?

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

A few things heard during an activity at F.H.E

Mom asked - What is your favorite movie?

Dad asked - Where do you want to serve on your mission?

Tommy asked - What's your favorite car?

Zacky asked - Who, living or dead, would you like to meet most?

Mikey asked - Scotty, who's your favorite brother?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Summer fun

After doing absolutely nothing all summer, we were able to go to

We didn't want to have to carry anything so we did not have a

and it was soooooo

But we had each other and we acted like some