Monday, August 18, 2008


Angelina Jolie? Michael Phelps? Brad Pitt? Tom Hanks? Julia Roberts? Nope...I'm not as hip as that. I have never considered myself to be a celebrity fanatic but I finally have found two people I really like and would probably fall all over myself if I ever ran into them (not to mention possibly wetting my britches at the same time).

My two faves are him

and her

Zack always teases me that if there was a church ran by these two - I'd belong. Apparently, I talk a lot about what I learned that day to anyone who will listen to me.
He is hilarious and right on "grab your pitchforks and torches!" and she speaks to my southern roots and my love of family & food.
I love to hear her speak - "Let's put this water on to bole" - "Add some olive ole" and my personal fave, "Great time of day! To hell with that - just deep fry it!"
Zack's favorite line of hers is..."Everyone teases me for using so much butter when I cook, so today, I am going to make healthier food without using any butter. Well, except for one tablespoon". She just can't help it.


The Eggett Family said...

I honestly don't even know who that lady is, but she has gorgeous hair!!! My Mom needs to see her hair, maybe it will give her hope for when she does decide to finally let her hair go gray.

Suzie said...

I am totally with you on these two.
Would love to talk with GB but I would probably be so nervous talking to Glenn I'd clam up.
but with Paula?
I feel like I could spend the day with her and just chat and eat buttery goodness.

Heath & Jessica said...

Heath really likes Glenn Beck too. I haven't gotten into Paula Dean, but I love Rachel Ray (& have been called her many times.)

Erika said...

She does use a TON of butter! Everytime I've watched her I've just said there's no way we can make her stuff, we'd die at the table!
I know it sounds wierd, with us living in Texas and all, but I HATE the southern accent! Mild ones I can handle but so many people down here just sound so rediculous! ugh! I think it's funny and cute that you like it though.

Amber said...

Watch it - I used to have one ya' know!

Erika said...

I don't remember you having an accent... "Ya'll" is fine, I even use that, it's just functional... no offense intended!

Amber said...

That's probably because you had one yerself!
Keep in mind you were 8-ish when we moved away and I was 15.