Friday, April 12, 2013

The tender tugs of ones' heart strings can be a battle never won.

I've never considered myself as one who can say they have roots. Growing up, my family moved frequently. I am originally from Texas yet had lived in many locations within Texas, a few places in New Jersey, as well as in California. Since then, I have added two other states to that list.  I had the unique opportunity to attend 8 schools before college, four of which were during my high school years. When people asked me where I was from, I had no answer to give. I usually just said, "All over".  I never even thought of what it meant to have roots. It was a foreign idea to me. Eventually, I married into an amazing family that had lived in the same home for over 20 years. Roots galore. I felt left out. I felt alone. I had nowhere to call Home. It wasn't until 12 or so years after I got married that an awakening happened. I was reminded that I did have roots. Deep ones. Immovable ones.

I was able to travel with Zack to San Antonio, Texas for one of his business trips. It had been well over a decade since I had been able to walk on that sweet ground. I enjoyed every second of every minute I had there. I loved spending my time with my sweetheart in my home state. I had failed to realize that once a Texan, always a Texan.  Finally, I could share with someone the preciousness of HOME.

We have been lucky blessed enough to take our whole family to Texas this spring. We were able to visit with extended family - Oh, how I have missed them! The kids had a blast. I know this because of the constant, "Thank you so much for bringing us here!" and the "Why can't we move here?" comments. I think the latter question may have stressed out my dear husband a bit. No pressure, right?

In future posts I will show pictures, tell you where we visited, and share some of our funny moments. But for now, I have just been relishing my time that I was able to spend in God's country. Just thinking of my cherished state brings tears to my eyes and my emotions bubble to the surface. I have enjoyed seeing my kids' new found chip on their shoulder that's in the shape (and size) of the state of Texas. It makes this momma proud to say that they have discovered their Texas Pride. After all, everything is, indeed, bigger and better in Texas.

Many do not understand and even get frustrated with this mindset. To this I say:

It's hard to describe the feeling of "Texas". It is different from anywhere I've ever lived. People walk a little taller, stand a little stronger. They look at each other with a knowing look in their eye. There is a camaraderie of it's citizens, a friendship forged without even meeting one another...

Where does this come from? I think it's from the whispers of heroes past. No other state within the United States has ever had to fight for their freedom. Their sacred Constitution was ripped to shreds and their rights, their lands, and their freedoms were stolen away by a tyrannical dictator. These men banded together, knowing their cause was just and knowing that they may have to make the ultimate sacrifice....

These men gave their all to keep Texas free and Texans remember this. Many battles were fought, many lives were lost - all in the name of freedom. The very ground where they fought is sacred. Today, many in our society do not even understand what the word 'sacred' means anymore. But Texans do.

Texans Remember the Alamo!