Friday, February 26, 2010

Lovin' it!

Could today be any prettier? Well, only in one of two ways: If there was a blizzard outside (can't get enough snow!) or if the grass was green and the trees were blossoming! The only down side to the latter option is that it means the summer of pure torturous heat was coming next. In the mean time, I'll enjoy this gorgeous sun and go for a run. Didn't mean to rhyme folks! Oh, and it looks like we'll be blessed with another day like this tomorrow and most of next week, then the snow can come back.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Joseph and Jessica

One of my younger brothers got married on Friday. It was beautiful. I only brought the camera to the reception and I unfortunately only took one picture. Typical...
Anyway, I just am so excited about how Emily's hair turned out. I had never tried anything like this before and I was so tickled that it worked. First, the pics of her hair (and extreme cuteness) and then the last picture is of me and our kids with a few of my brothers. The one I am standing closest to was the one who got married.

It was so nice to have nearly all of my siblings (8 out of 10) together again. We sure missed the others though. Congratulations to Joseph and Jessica!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

She's got...personality

Zack and I are so in love with our little girl. It is so fun to see how some personality traits do, indeed, come with them from the pre-existence.

On Wednesday morning, Emily was being unusually quiet in the TV room. As I walked from the office to the kitchen area, she yelled out, "Noffing, Mommy!" Hmmmm, if I didn't know better...she did this each time I walked through the room. Finally, I investigated - she was putting chapstick all over Cinderella - on the TV screen.

Another example is the other day we were at my in-laws house. I took Emily downstairs to clean up the toys she had played with. Scotty came too and he help get his stuff cleaned up. I had thought that his good example would help Emily, but she went nuts. I was mortified at the fit she threw. All over a few toys. It was so "cute" to see her cry huge tears for the sympathy then sigh a huge sigh when it didn't work on me. Then she'd fold her arms, turned her back, and silently ignored me. She is barely 2 1/2! She is such a girl and we are in such trouble!

There have been so many "girly" things that she has done that I can't figure out where she learned them from. It's so fun to see her grow!

As difficult as she can be, I still love everything about her! She is such a miracle to us...

On a side note, I am bored out of my mind right now...since I can't travel at the moment, I am inviting anyone who'd like to to come visit us and our amazingly beautiful state.