Sunday, November 23, 2008

Extra Nutrition?

I am so bad.

Last night during the football game, I was making pizza. As I took it out of the oven, the flimsy tray it was on bent in half. Thank you, Papa Murphy's.
As it bent in half, it burned the back of two of my fingers, slithered down the front of the cabinets and onto the floor. Well, at least the cheesy part did.

I was so mad. I knew I had to act fast, didn't this apply for the 10 second rule? After I yelled at the darn thing, Zack and I quickly picked up the glob of goo and did the unthinkable.

We put it back on the crust.

We then mushed it around to cover the entire pizza. It ended up looking like someone barfed pizza all over it. Yummy. What the kids don't know, right?

On the bright side, the kitchen floor had been cleaned that day, a miracle in and of itself. Plus, we can think of it as just trying to strengthen our children. You know - whatever doesn't hurt them just makes them stronger.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Serenity Now....

Ok, so I was in a bit of a panic yesterday. It all started by watching the news. It always does. It was turning out to be another really bad day for the market, and the bailouts were all over the place - basically we're going to you-know-where in a hand basket. A very fast one. This, of course, caused me to panic. Again.

I knew I had to bulk up on some food storage, so I made my lists for both Costco and Wal*Mart. It was a very, very long list. The kind where if I speed walk my entire visit, it takes me a full hour and ten minutes from beginning to end. I practically run, so watch out people. For those of you who don't know me too well, I am an extremely anal shopper. Prices have to be at their lowest, all the cold stuff first, then canned good, then boxed stuff, and so on. I think that it is therapeutic to have control over some things. Anyway, where was I?

I went to Wal*Mart today for my weekly shopping trip. (I love Wal*Mart - they price match, too!) Today, I noticed an even bigger, faster jump in prices. This made me sick to my stomach. Prices have gone up so much in just one week. For example, Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo went from $1.39 (used to be 97 cents 4 months ago) to $1.70 and canned corn jumped from 50 cents to 78 cents a can. Ouch!

I have no idea how bad things are going to get. I am the "We're all gonna die!" kind of personality, so I always try to plan for complete devastation. My dear, sweet hubby puts up with so, so much.

Some may say that if no one panics, it will be OK. However, I know that prices go up regardless of one's state of mind. It's not a food shortage, it's a dollar that's getting weaker every day. I would rather buy food at an almost decent price by "panicking" now than by having to get it if the prices climb higher - which they will.

So, this anxiety ridden day brought on two, count them, two migraines. It was great...good times. However, I have come to rely on our Prophet's words of hope, the knowledge that I have done my best to 'be prepared', and the confidence that my husband's job is a secure one. GM is a great company to work for - safe and sound.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fourth fourth

Thank heavens a friend tagged me with this one. I had been drawing a blogging blank recently. I hate that. I am practically up all night if I don't put up a new post within 4 days. It drives me bonkers. So, anyway, here is my fourth photo from my fourth folder. The only problem fourth folder doesn't have a fourth photo, so I did the next best thing. This is a picture from 2002 and it's of Mikey and Zack showing off. Cute little Zachary is in the background. Obviously, talent runs deep in our family.

I'll tag Erika, Shaunell, Jeana, and both of my Jessicas. Suckers!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Who knew?

Recently, someone tripped over the child gate in the doorway of our office and broke it. Since then, Emily has been sneaking in and has been apparently 'working' at the computer. So, to make it official...I put our 16 month old at a computer this morning. The keyboard is not hooked up, so she can't do too much damage. She has been watching PBS kids videos on their website. She is so funny. She types so fast and furious. I wonder if she is blogging, and if so, what do you think she is blogging about?

Dear blog,
Man, my mom is so mean. I had breakfast at 8:30am and then I cried a lot (I don't know why, either) so my mom stuck me in my bed at 9:30am. My mom won't let me stay up late at all. A few fits and wham-o off to bed. Sheesh! Parents just don't understand. I can't wait until I am 4, then I'll have some fun and some freedom! Oh, and I am having such a bad hair day today.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Crazies

A while back, someone tagged me on making a list of quirky things about myself. It's taken about 3-4 weeks to come up with these things. How boring is that? I know I have others 'issues' but these were all I could come up with for quirkinesses. (Is that even a word?) So, here we go:

1. My extra fridge in the garage has to be full of milk. It stresses me out if it gets even close to empty. At our house we drink milk like it's going out of style. We drink about 1 1/2 gallons per day. It needs to be full because what if there is a milk shortage or a natural disaster? I can do without a lot of things, but milk is not one of them. **knock on wood.
Beautiful picture, isn't it?

2. Whenever I go anywhere, even if I am alone, I count the kids and lock the van doors multiple times. A lot of multiple times. For example, if we are going to church, (the street behind us) I count at least twice and lock the doors as many times. I even tend to lock the doors before Zack can go around to his side and get in. Just going to Wal*Mart (7 minutes away) requires at least 4 headcounts and 4 to 5 door locking sessions. A trip down to BYU is a very busy one for me.

3. This summer I have to say that I was much better when it came to my freak outs with bees. However, I realize that even though I have calmed down a lot, I still have a ways to go. I found (to every one's delight) that when I am in the van and a bee comes by my window, I lock the doors as fast as I can and then hold down the window 'up' button for the duration of the bee's visit. I don't know if it's because I am worried that the bee will somehow be able to open my door and get me or if I am afraid that the door and window will spontaneously break open and let the bee in. That, or I fear that Zack will roll my window down from his side just to get a rise out of me.

4. I LOVE to cook and bake. I love to cook things that can take over an hour to prepare. Everyday, if possible. This is my thinking time. Plus, I get to listen to Glenn Beck and laugh my head off - he's so right on and funny at the same time.

5.I have conversations with 'other' people in my head and then expect Zack to be in on what 'we' were talking about, even if it is several weeks after the 'conversation'.

6. I have very long thought out (and always very dire) scenarios playing in my mind. I'll take one idea and have a full 5 year plan on what I would do 'if'....

OK, now I am embarrassed. As I read through these, I realize how crazy I am sounding. So, don't be scared the next time you see me, come and say hi. After all, I might be 'talking' to you already.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pity Party - My house 7pm sharp

As Lucille Ball would say..."Wahhhhhhhhhh!!!"

I am so sad right now, not that I wasn't expecting to be. My bigger worry is the combination of Congress and the new President. If anyone wants to join us for a pity party, come on over.

We will be discussing topics such as:

*How to say good-bye to free speech without creating a scene. (The Fairness Doctrine)
*Best places to hide your guns if you are actually able to keep them.
*How best to cling to your God.
*How not to have your job become unionized.
*How to frame artifacts - This week's piece, The Constitution.

Tongue in cheek? Maybe, maybe not.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here are pictures of our kids in their Halloween costumes. We had a great time this year even if it was little wet. At least they didn't have to wear big coats over their costumes this year. When I get a copy of a picture of my halloween costume I'll be sure to post it.

Zachary loves Greek mythology, so he chose to be Zeus.

Mikey was a nerd. I think he dedicated his costume to Weird Al. If you have no idea what I am talking about, he has a fun song called...White and Nerdy and the kids love it.

Tommy decided to be Charlie Brown's ghost from The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

Scotty was Nachooooo Libre. We found an authentic Nacho Libre wrestling mask while we were in San Antonio.

Halloween was especially fun for Zack and I since we are able to WOW ourselves with a cute little girl to dress up. We couldn't get enough of her this year. She actually kept these glasses on all night. We couldn't believe it. She loved trick or treating and showing off her cuteness to everyone.