Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oooohhh, Aaaaahhhh

I never thought that having a kitchen to the front of a home would be a good thing. However, I love being able to watch our children play together and with friends in the cul-de-sac and every once in a while I am dazzled by the sunsets. Just thought I'd share.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Gobble - gobble!

What a wonderful holiday! I love having a full day set aside to spend time with our families and to focus on our gratitude to our gracious Father in Heaven. We are so richly blessed. This year we were able to have our celebrations twice. On Wednesday we all gathered at the Eldridge home for an early Thanksgiving. It was a very yummy, fun time. If I remember correctly, there were 6 different types of pie! Now, that's my kind of Thanksgiving! Then, early Thursday morning, we traveled to Zack's parent's cabin in Eastern Utah. It was so peaceful and we had a great time visiting with his siblings and their families. The boys had a blast going on hikes and discovering new things like what it feels like to be "bitten" by cactus and that deer poop everywhere! Grody, dude!

After Zack and his brother, Lincoln, put in the new floor of the great room (only about 30' by 30') we had a very tasty Thanksgiving dinner. I guess that instead of singing or dancing for our dinner this year, we only had to do construction work - just kidding Mom & Dad!

We went around the table saying one thing that we are thankful for and Zack said that he was grateful for his parents and their invitation to the cabin and a stable job - to which his dad said, "I didn't know you worked with horses." *GROAN* Then Zack said, "No, just some horses behinds." *DOUBLE GROAN* We all had a great weekend especially Scotty. He refused to take off his coat, mittens, and the helmet all weekend - he even fell asleep using the helmet as a pillow.

Never before seen footage!

This is for you, Dad (Lewis)!
Zack was cold ! Zack is never cold. He even turned the heat up. Usually, we keep it at 60°, but last night he turned it up to 65°!!!
I had to take a picture of him all covered up so that people would believe me. He was even wearing sweats under the blanket. Who are you and what have you done with the real Zack?

I think he tought that Emily was cold as well.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Fear of the unknown?

One of the most fun ladies I know, Suzie, tagged me last week. I have to tell five things about me that may not be known. All weekend, I have been fretting over this. I am such a blabber mouth that I couldn't believe that there would be anything left about me that people may not know. Please remember that I apparently have no shame or dignity.

So, after much thought, tossing out the boring and the wild lies, I came up with my fab five.

1. Zack & I have very seriously considered living on a farm. Unlike Suzie, it's not for the love of animals. We are always worrying about if our children are learning to appreciate the value of hard work. Sure, they have chores, but come on, cleaning out stalls, milking a few cows, and harvesting crops - now that's hard work! I guess the only thing that is stopping us, is that I don't want to have to do all of the work either!

2. I would love to have a natural disaster. Preferably a huge blizzard. I know, I know – what a nut, right? Well, maybe not something that would kill people or destroy homes, but something like Buffalo, NY gets every year. I would love to have a time where everything closes down and we are all left to our own devices. Electricity out for a couple of days and no one able to go anywhere . I am so ready for it (so I say). The only conditions I have are – I need to know about it before it hits, we all need to be in our homes when it arrives, and our water supply has to be unharmed (at least for the toilets – Ewwww).

3. Every once in a while, when life gets too out of control and overwhelming, I like to sneak a few drags off of my thumb. I sucked my thumb until I was 12. It was never in a public place, though. It's just so yummy and comforting. I just can't allow it to become a habit again or let it ruin my teeth.

4. I'm a road rage –aholic. I am not ever obviously mean or anything, I just excel in the art of subtlety. If I see a moron speeding and weaving through cars behind me, I'll take matters into my own hands. I will match my speed and position to the car next to me to box out said moron. Or, if someone is tailgating me when I am already going too much over the speed limit (and not in the left lane) I slow way down gradually to about 10 miles per hour under the speed limit - this way they don't see any brake lights. I love it and they get so mad. Sometimes, when I discover that I have picked on the wrong moron - you know the kind – they appear "criminal" looking, I yell to the kids to rock back and forth as fast as they can. A moving target is harder to hit, right?

5. This is awful, but so cool. Whenever the kids are in another room and Zack and I are eating something like pretzel sticks, French fries, or candy canes, we look at each other and pretend to smoke. I know – we are going to be thrust down. It is so funny and very taboo. It almost turns into a little competition to see who can look the most realistic. Flicking the "ashes", blowing smoke rings, stepping them out when we're done all adds to the effect. Classy right? Just kidding about the so cool part. I wonder if this will get me released from my calling. I guess not if the 2 nd counselor of the bishopric is also pretending to smoke with me.

So I am now tagging Jessica E. , Erika, Jeana , Sarah, Devony, Shaunell, and Brooke & Matt.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Am I the only one?

  I think I'm either overly needy or just plain nuts. You see, my computer is my link to the "outside" world. Sure, I go grocery shopping, carpool everyday, take care of my calling, go out with family, - all that kind of stuff, but when it comes down to it, my computer is my lifeline. Whenever I put up a post on my blog, I almost instantaneously hit F5 expecting a comment to be waiting for me. The disappointment is pathetically real when "0 comments" shows up. The same goes for my emails. I probably check my inbox and my blog about 30 to 40 times a day. It's embarrassing that I'm even telling you this. I'm trying to cut back - I'm sure that it isn't very healthy. Every once in a while, the thought will cross my mind that if I hit F5 too often it will break or wear down to a useless nub and panic always sets it. Am I the only one who waits on pins and needles awaiting the feeling of validation from others? By-the-way, Zack is mortified that I am actually posting this, but who cares?  
Oh, wait, I do !!!!