Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have realized that if we ever want to go anywhere, we will need to stay in TWO hotel rooms beacause of how big our family is now. That's easily $275.00 per night, minimum. Plus, having to eat out nearly every meal makes the idea of a vacation not very realistic or a vacation not happen too often. So, when I was at my wit's end on trying desperately to figure out how not to go broke this summer, I found this. I love this idea!
We are trying one out in August and I'll let you know how it goes. All you need to do is type in any place you'd like to visit and voila! several places for you to chose from.


Tonya said...

Where are you guys going? Looks like a great way to vacation!

Jourdan said...

I'm coming to the same realization: the bigger your family gets the more sacrifices you make. Traveling is a big one. You can't just plop in with family anymore and say "Have room for four extra crazies today?"

This is why big families go camping. The only affordable solution (with no thought on a Mother's sanity). What do ya do?!

Erika said...

When it comes to hotels, we won't stay in anything else but Holiday Inn Express, if we can help it. The beds and pillows are SO comfortable. Wireless internet. Then every room also has microwaves and refridgerators so you don't have to go out to eat every meal... and most have REALLY good free breakfasts with awesome cinnamin rolls. One we stayed at even had eggs and such. They are great hotels.
Everything is so expensive now days, it's painful.

Zack said...

So Erika, does Holiday Inn give you some sort of kick-back or commission? How long have you been doing blog-based commercials for them? :) Just kidding... talk about "raving fans", though... I'm actually quite in favor spreading the word when I come agross really good products & services. Of course, I also tend to spread the word on products & services that severely disappoint me as well.

Suzie said...

I am basically an honest person.
But every time I book a hotel I am so tempted to say we are a family of five. The sixth puts you over the magic number.

confession: we HAVE hidden the fourth child on a few occasions.

Erika said...

That is so funny! Hiding a child, that really makes me laugh! I hate how hotels charge per person! What difference does it make, it's not like they can use the room any more if you're by yourself! It should just be by room.
I do talk about Holiday Inn Express a lot... I guess just because we love it, obviously, and we've learned our lessons the hard way, being stuck at some seriously horrible places! One place we literally slept with our big suit case in front of the door, for safety reasons.