Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to:

This past week, Tommy had to make an instruction book at school. Here it is:

How to Annoy Your Dad

First, find a hat. Put it on slanted. Then you show your dad.

Next, go to your dad and say "sqweemlesh" about 5 times.
Then, say, "Hey dad, I just texted you!"
Last, say, "Hey dad, I gots a toy and I likes to plays with it's!" Then he will get mad at you!

I'm thinking that we are witnessing the beginning talents of the next Pulitzer?

Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, for our Spring Break we were able to go up to Bear Lake for the entire week. We had a blast! On Monday we ate at The Bear Trapper Steakhouse. It was kind of pricey but the kids thought it was soooo fancy because they brought out their fresh raspberry sorbet to "cleanse every one's palate". The best parts of this restaurant were the fireplaces and that Emily kept growling at the wooden bears.

It was so windy and cold - it looks like I ran into the picture.

We were also able to take the kids swimming numerous times in the heated indoor pool. I really struggled with this due to two things. One, I am terrified of my kids drowning and two, the water was all cloudy and every time some stranger's kid came by me, snot was all over their face. I knew I was just sitting in everything gross a kid could come up with. Ew.

We really enjoyed the rain and snow. I know this sounds weird, but we loved it. We were all cozy and warm and had even anticipated this weather. The boys had a blast playing their Uncle Joseph's XBox 360 and I even played. We rented new movies and had a movie night every night but one. That night we had a Call of Duty 4 competition.

Don't worry, Zack will photo shop me into this picture later.

One place everyone has to visit if they travel to Bear Lake is the KOA grocery store. Odd suggestion, right? They were unbelievable. The first time we stopped in, the electricity went out so their computers were down. The man rang up our items, made a list and just said, "Come back tomorrow, I trust you." WOW!!! We stopped in at least 2 other times and they remembered us each time and even asked how Mikey's foot was. (He had sliced it open on the filter or something in the hot tub.)

Emily kept herself very busy.

On the last day of our vacation, we went down into Logan. I cannot get enough of this place. I literally think about it all day long. It was so pretty and every one was so friendly. Zack and I have always wanted to live somewhere more rural. It was gorgeous!!!I loved seeing the rolling hills of the farms and even the smells were inviting. And yes...I do mean cow manure. Ha, ha, ha!! (but only as long as it is a distant smell)

That night we also were able to visit with a friend of Zack's from his mission. We had a wonderful dinner and we had a great time visiting with the Peapealalo family. They have four gorgeous daughters and our boys had a great time playing with them. Thank you so much guys!

I cannot wait to go back to Logan and Bear Lake!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Who are you & what have you done with the real me?

%#*%$ This is the second time I am having to write this post - way to add insult to injury. Grrr...

Anywho...Right now I am dying to go visit someplace warm, beautiful, and relaxing. My friends' posts saying the same things aren't helping either! This is so very unlike me. I usually detest anything over about 72 degrees. However, this year is different and I don't know why. Maybe it's my itchy feet syndrome that I get about every 3 years to go and experience someplace new. Who knows. So, since we have a full week off for Spring Break, we are taking our family on a trip all the way to............Bear Lake. We are going to freeze our cans off.

Why Bear Lake you ask?

We were hoping to go to Saint George, but with all of the high school and college "no brains" going there for their break, everything is either booked or is waaaay too pricey. Luckily, Zack' s parents were able to help us find a nice condo up at Bear Lake that has an indoor pool. Hopefully, we will also be able to make a couple of day trips down to Logan. Other than that, I have no idea of what we'll be able to do. Maybe we could learn how to carve ice sculptures or go ice fishing.

All teasing aside, I am actually very excited. I love going to places I have never been to before and I am looking forward to the week long 'time out". When we get back I will be sure to show off my new tan ;)

Hey, does anyone know if you can rent a wii?