Monday, March 8, 2010

Missionary Dinners - Round Two!

We finally are back on track with our Missionary dinners. If you don't know what these are, just click here for an earlier post and here for all of the fun that followed. Good times - especially for poor Mikey.
Anyway, tonight Zachary was called to the Cape Verde Praia LDS Mission. He had to be able to find it on a map as well as learn how to say, "My name is Elder Church" in Portuguese (the native language).
I prepared North African Meatballs and couscous with dates for our meal.

It was actually quite yummy and all but the two youngest liked it. I know Scotty will warm up to it as soon as he realizes that I am serious about him missing out on his dessert unless...

Mikey is next and he will be "sent" to the Jerusalem, Israel Mission - we can always hope there will be one someday. Our meal will consist of Hummus with pitas, something else I haven't figured out yet, and these for dessert.

A friend of mine lives in Jerusalem and she sent me a few very yummy looking recipes. I am so excited!