Friday, August 29, 2008

Love Her !!!

Too bad she's not running as the GOP Presidential Nominee.


Erika said...

Well, if McCain is elected... pretty good chance she may still end up being President!

And I guess she some what puts the "Obama doesn't have enough experience" arguement to rest. I guess when you combine both nominee's and their partner's experience they all come out about even!

Amber said...

What? She has more executive experience than any one on either ticket. Thus, making the GOP ticket exceed the Dems in executive experience.

Zack said...

If you're talking about "Washington, D.C. experience", then in my opinion, her lack of time spent in D.C. is probably one of her best qualities... a quality that makes me feel that she is indeed a real person that will connect with real Americans, and someone that hasn't been tainted with years of D.C. "politics as usual", or representation done in a way that is completely removed from what real Americans truly want from their elected leaders.
Having a sister that lives in Anchorage with her husband and son also gives me a perspective on how much the citizens of Alaska (regardless of party affiliation) truly love Governor Palin and appreciate the leadership, dignity, and ethics that she has brought to the office of governor in their state.

Laurie M said...

So I watched her speech last night and I definitely see her appeal. She's very impressive. If they win, I'd be thrilled to see her in that spot instead of Dick Cheney.