Tuesday, June 9, 2009

CFR '09

About a week ago, we had a few of the boys' friends over and we were playing the game Apples to Apples. The word was "Boring" and everyone submitted their words that they felt correlated with that word. One of the friends had put in "Family Reunion". Our boys were floored. They could not understand why anyone wouldn't like a family reunion. Yep - ours are great. We usually get together somewhere fun for about 4 days and do everything together and they are always fun - even if things don't always go perfectly.

We just returned from our 2009 reunion to St. George. What a great week to go. The weather was extremely mild - almost too cool for swimming, and the house we (all 25 of us) stayed in was snug, but perfectly accommodating. The A/C struggled (OK it was non existent) the first night in a few of the bedrooms, but was fixed the next day and was almost too cool. We were able to have large, very tasty meals, we saw "Annie" at Tuachan, played at the city's splash park, the guys played tennis, the ladies did home decor crafts, we did Karaoke (always a hoot), we visited the temple grounds, visited various church history sites, played games, and just relaxed. It was a blast! We always take our camera places but never remember to use it. Here are a few pics of our adventure with more to come as I get them:

Poor sleepy Scotty dog!

Tommy in front of the Hamblin Home.

In front of the St. George LDS Temple.

Tommy's discovery.

Thank you to Kali & Kristie who put lot of time & effort into planning this year's reunion!