Wednesday, April 30, 2008

With age comes wisdom or so you'd think

A few things I've learned: (all the hard way)

Don't get dressed in the dark. I walked around with two different kinds of shoes on for a while today. Ever notice how seldom you check your shoes once you have them on?

When holding a pen in your mouth, remember it's there before you try to kiss someone.

Tuna casserole is much, much tastier with the tuna added.

Telling yourself fifty times to remember the camera doesn't really help.

As newlyweds, never trust your husband when he keeps laughing and you don't know why. When you ask him what's so funny and he just keeps laughing, it's never a good thing. It's especially bad when a few minutes later he tells you that you walked out of the house with your dress tucked into your underwear.

Be careful what you preach, it can come back to bite you in the.....rear end. For example, "Mommy, is magic real?" "No, honey they are just fun tricks." "Then, what about Christmas magic?" Crap.

When using a digital camera to take a video of your child, remember that it does not work like a camera - you can't turn it sideways to get a better view. Case in point:

Yep, there are 11 more just like this with the other kids. Good times.

Bounce drier sheets pinned to your clothes do not fend off the bees. It's just some rumor someone started to make me look stupid.

Readers beware...
After panicking from a high cholesterol count, don't try to clear out your arteries in one easy step. Don't eat four large bowls of Fiber One cereal before going to the temple.

Monday, April 28, 2008

My Soap Box

It was crazy busy last week, so sorry for the lack of new posts.

The past few weeks we have been able to spend a lot of time with our friends, something we like to do, but we still prefer to be to ourselves most often. I think that we are kind of hermit-esque. Zack and I tend to be very anti-social, but we love to go out together.
Anyway... over the past several months & years we have really started to notice little things that drive us nutty. We have noticed that even though a couple is a happy and strong one, and fun to be with, they will sometimes use little phrases that are very subtly on the rough side to each other. I don't think that they are even trying to be mean, but it can be something that can unknowingly hurt the other spouse. They really aren't even fighting or bickering at all. Sometimes, it can be as simple as not asking the other one nicely to do something. Maybe Zack and I are just ultra sensitive, I don't know. I am not saying that we should all be in a constant state of wedded bliss, because making up can be quite fun, but I think EVERY couple could do a little better at treating their sweeties more lovingly and, in the words of one of President Hinckley's recurring themes, "We need to... be a little kinder... than we have been."

A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to Dr. L-A-U-R-A which I very rarely do. Anyway, a caller was complaining about how she felt that she needed a divorce because she thought that she and her husband didn't love each other as much as a married couple should.
I about hit the roof! Luckily, Dr. Laura was on her game and suggested to the dummy that for one full week she should act as if she is madly head over heels in love with her husband. Date him, call him, leave him love notes, do whatever it is she would do if she were absolutely "ga-ga" over this man no matter how he responded. Then, after the entire week of this, she should call Dr. Laura back. The woman whined and complained about why should she have to be the one to do this. Heaven forbid change should start with US, right?
Anyway, a week later, the woman called back and surprise, surprise, she was astounded to realize that he responded in kind to her loving attention and things were looking up.
Our marriages should always come first - no matter what!
I love to watch people, and it is interesting to see how couples interact with each other at church while just sitting there. Some sit next to each other and snuggle, some wink from across the children at each other, some just act as if they don't notice the other, or some just function as if it's a job to be married. Then there was the couple from our last ward that practically made out right through the meeting, barely parting to take the sacrament. They weren't even newly weds - I just think that they didn't have a clue about good taste or real class. They made every one around them gag. I really wish I was exaggerating, but the mental images and scars say I'm not.

Now - I am not saying that I am perfect, but can't we all be just a little bit kinder, gentler, and more loving to our spouses?

Phew! That's the end of my preaching for a while - there, aren't you happy? No? Then go tell your hubby/wife how much you love them.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happiness is ....

For the last 12 years, Zack has always teased me about the movies I grew up on. He claims that they are all black & white regardless if they really are. Some of my favorites are The Ghost & Mr. Chicken, The Great Race, and Private Eyes. What's funny is that he'll tease me about it and then once he finally agrees to watch it, he loves them and even quotes them!

A perfect example of this came very recently. Zack had never seen the movie The Sound of Music...can you believe that? Anyway, it brings such joy to me to hear him laughing at Maria and singing the songs. He even admitted that he has cried at it. You know the scene where Captain von Trapp rediscovers music and in turn, happiness? I'm getting choked up just thinking about it. My heart rejoices in Zack's new discovery. That may sound a bit extreme, but it has always been a beautiful movie and to know that he enjoys it so much means a lot.

Now I just have to convince him to watch Gone With the Wind with me.

I can't wait!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Break Day 4 & 5

Sorry, guys. Even I am getting sick of posting this stuff...

Day 4 found us at Jungle Jim's. It was a little more for the younger kids but, sure enough, my boys made it fun for everyone.

See Mommy sitting on the wrong side of the ride? I thought I had it right, but I about crushed Scotty when the ride was at full speed.

The boys also loved the bumper cars. At one point Mikey got upset with Zachary because he kept crashing into Mikey. We watched as Mikey slipped away quietly and drove around the entire driving area (we could see the wheels turning in his head the whole time) and came up behind Zachary going as fast as he could and rear-ended him pretty hard. Our boys don't fight very often, but he was pretty frustrated. We are upset that we didn't get it on film because it was so funny and yet soooo calculated.

Sweet little Emily has been such a trooper. She has been stuck in her stroller all week long and has barely fussed at all. She seemed to enjoy the merry-go-round and every time we would loop around and see Zack, she would watch him until she was nearly laying down. Such a Daddy's girl!

After that we dropped Emily off with my mom & dad and went to see the movie Horton Hears a Who. Sadly, I didn't even know what it was about, but I really enjoyed it. There were several religious undertones that I loved. At one point in the movie, Zachary leaned over to Zack and said, "This kinda reminds me of Abinadi." My heart soared! It does sink in after all!
Oddly enough, I really enjoyed the character named Katie. A small part, but really fun. The movie was a lot of fun and I look forward to it coming out on DVD.

The next day was Zachary's 11th birthday. We ran up to Boondocks. We had never been there before, but really had a lot of fun. They boys loved the go-karts and the laser tag.

And check out my golfing skilz!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Break Day 2 & 3

Day two found us at the Hogle Zoo. It was a tad on the freezing side and we got caught in a pretty heavy snow storm. I kept thinking that it would let up, but it just snowed harder and harder. However, being the cheapskate that I am, I couldn't convince myself that we needed to leave early, so we just covered up and hustled to each exhibit. It was fun to see the gorillas. This big guy came right up to the window and glared at us. The picture is a bit dark because we were afraid of what he might do if the flash upset him. You never know how thick that glass really is...

This is a picture of us hiding under a makeshift dug out. It's kind of odd looking, but we are trying to take a picture out of the snowstorm.

On Wednesday, we went to Classic Skate up in Sandy. The boys had never been skating before and Zack and I were in the mood for a good laugh. I think that they were real troopers. They fell so many times and were pretty sore afterwards, but they all kept trying to get better at it. Scotty loved the "ice skating".

The last big hoop-la for the day was visiting the Living Planet Aquarium. It was kinda fun, but really small for the price. There are basically two hallways you can walk down. Supposedly, the new aquarium they are hoping to build is going to be much bigger with more fish. I hope that they will charge the same price, but I highly doubt that.
Tommy really enjoyed being able to touch the "slimy" rays.

I think that this was the biggest puffer fish any of us had ever seen. You know, since we make it a habit to see a lot of them...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Break Day 1

We are having a great time on our "vacation". We started out by staying up in Ogden Canyon at a condo in Wolf Creek for a couple of days. It was beautiful and quite relaxing. Scotty insists that it is our new house and that we will always sleep there. Oh, and if you ever want to see a grown man throw an actual fit complete with stomping his feet and shaking his fists, just look for Zack when he has discovered that nearly the entire Pineview Reservoir has melted overnight.
On the way up:

On the way home: (Notice the line of ice at the bottom of the pic)

The first place we stopped at was the Hill Air Force Base Museum. The boys always love to visit here. The Blackbird they have on display is awesome.

After that, we stopped at Union Station for Scotty. Unfortunately, most of it was lame and under construction.

Next stop : The Eccles Dinosaur Museum. This was actually quite fun and the boys love to "act" out.

Last stop: The Prairie Schooner Restaurant (very tasty, much better than WagonMaster)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Best Prom Ever!

We had such a fun time at the Prom! The decorations were fun, food was sweet, my date was the best looking guy there, and best of all my skirt was perfect! My mom made the skirt for me the day before and the day of. It was beautiful and it twirled like a dream!
Going out to dinner with a large group of 28 - 30 somethings all dressed for the prom was quite the treat. A lot of odd stares!

I think every ward should do this at least every other year. Parents don't get the chance to really go all out and dress snazzy for a night of dinner and dancing too often. What a blast we had. There were quite a few fun and very original (aka - old) prom pictures displayed and yearbooks to peruse as well. Oh, there was also the opportunity to have our pictures taken "under the stars". I'll have to post them as soon as we get them back.

We were even the envy of everyone when we drove up in our 19 foot stretch.........


Here is a fun video Zack put together for me. A little disclaimer: the camera adds about 25 pounds. Either that, or the pettycoats that were pinned to my bra does.

Monday, April 7, 2008

"Under the Stars"

Zack asked me to prom today!!! I have had the biggest crush on him for like, 13 years!! He is sooo good looking!! I can't wait! My high school prom was very lame. It was Casino uplifting, huh? Oh, and when your date is your brother, it's not nearly as "dreamy" as you had always imagined it would be. No offense, Nathan!

The big question is, "What should I wear?"

How about this:

Or what about this:

Oh, and don't forget one of these, but maybe not that big!

Maybe those are a tad on the extreme side, but fun, too! I love that we are doing this. (Thank you, Meredith and Amber G.!!!) I hope all of the guys make it a night to remember for their sweethearts! I hope I don't get a zit for the big night!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I need this conference weekend so badly. I need to feel the soft whisperings of the Spirit and bask in the light and company of our new prophet and our other leaders.
This past month has been such a challenge for me. My temper and patience level have really switched places. Usually, I can shrug off my problems and tell myself, "After all, tomorrow is another day" but recently, everything seems to set me off.

When setting something down, I find myself slamming it down. Instead of tossing something into the garbage, it's hucked so hard it breaks or breaks something else.
Yesterday, for example, Emily was crying for so long because I couldn't hold her. If you've ever heard her cry, you'll understand how bad it can get. Remember this?

That is EXACTLY what her angry cry is like. It's awful - I love her to pieces, but oh, her cry!

Anyway, I had just changed her diaper and was carrying her upstairs to put her diaper by the front door to take out later, when I threw her diaper at the front door so hard that I think it scared everyone. I know at least Zack was a bit concerned when he left for work. I think he feels like he has to handle me with kid gloves recently. Poor Zack. I love him so much.
I know she isn't sick - just had her check up. She just always wants to be held.

Anyway, I think that I just need to "refuel" on the spiritual and lean more heavily on my Savior to help me through the difficult spots. I think that the Lord knows that 6 months is about all people can go without the extra help.
I already know it's going to be great. The opening prayer was amazing this morning. He asked Heavenly Father to bless the mothers. How beautiful was that?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

So unlike me....

I cannot wait to get out in the dirt, cultivate it, and begin to grow a vegetable garden. I only have four problems.

1) I hate bees - with a passion - I am scared to death of them. I always run wildly away from them, only realizing after the fact, that I left my child behind to fend them off on their own.
2) I hate the heat - 'nuff said.
3) WEEDS! They are everywhere and they are eternal!
4) I have very limited space - but it's enough to work with, I guess.

I'll have to grow somethings in pots and some up high in my yard on a terraced hill. Great fun - good times.

Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that the cannery is out of wheat until the fall. My dad also told me that they are completely out of #10 cans. I have no idea when they'll get more. I know that the prophets have always told us to have a garden, and if my wonderful mother-in-law can grow stuff on her third story apartment balcony in milk jugs while they were on their mission, I can do something here.

I also wish we had land for a few chickens, a couple of cows, and maybe a pig or two. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, bacon. I would love to be self-sufficient if we had to be.

I am hoping to grow corn, strawberries, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, raspberries, watermelon, and I have room for one or two more small things. For some reason, zucchini and yellow squash always die on me.
Does anyone have any ideas of what else to plant? Nothing gross allowed such as eggplant or turnips.

Too bad these can't grow in the garden.

Or these.