Monday, May 16, 2011

New F.H.E. Tradition

Recently, we started a new tradition in our family. Every month or so, during our Family Home Evenings, we ask if anyone noticed someone outside of our family setting a good example in tough circumstances.

Our first time doing this, we made cookies for a family whose son is a friend of Tommy's. His friend had mentioned to him that their family went to see the new Gulliver's Travels movie with Jack Black in it. It was so rotten and crude that they stood up and left the theater. I think it would be very difficult to do that, knowing that you were probably going to disappoint your children and kind of cause a scene trying to leave a crowded movie theater (well, as crowded as a theater can get at a Jack Black movie - ha, ha, ha!!). Anyway, We made a card with the word 'Valiant' on it and made them a plate of our favorite chocolate chip cookies. We took it to them and expressed how their much their example meant to our family.

This week, we are going to honor a schoolmate of Zachary's. There is a kid that rides Zachary & Mikey's bus that is nasty, mean, perverted, rude, and just plain bad. Let's just call him "Lou Cypher". Also on their bus is a girl that stands up to him every time he gets really out of hand. Last Friday was such a day.

Zachary came in the house with a very troubled look about him. I knew immediately that something bad had happened. I talked to him about it and he told me that Lou Cypher had brought something on the bus that was terribly inappropriate. I asked him how it made him feel and he said that it grossed him out. As Lou Cypher's behavior was getting worse and worse, this remarkable young lady got up and chastised him about it. She did this knowing that it can bring rough treatment by Lou Cypher. He has cursed her out and has even threatened to hit her. So tonight, we are taking their family Caramel Brownies, another favorite, with a card that says, 'Courage' on it. We are going to thank her and her family for doing what was right in a very tough situation.

I am so grateful for the examples of strength, courage, and righteousness we have all around us. We are watching.

Hopefully, by continually recognizing others for their good examples it will inspire us to shed our fear in the face of evil and stand up for what is good and right.