Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Google me

My age

My maiden name

Favorite place to travel

Favorite thing

Favorite Food

Favorite animal

Former pet

Favorite color

Town I grew up in

Past love

One of my children's nicknames

Bad habit I have

Name of grandmother

First job

Studied in college


Zack said...

Oh, I'll "Google" you alright, but without the "Go". And I'd better darn well be the only one "Googling" you with out the "Go".

Stacy said...

Zack is so funny!
It's fun to get to know ya better via Google, no Googling without the "GO" here.

Erika said...

You studied space in college?

Amber said...

It was so fun and pretty interesting. Plus, we all had a crush on the teacher ;-)

That, and you could snooze a little without anybody noticing in the dark...but in all seriousness, it was great to learn all that stuff.

Zack said...

A crush on the teacher? The astronomy teacher? Wow... what a group of men that you've had crushes on... an astronomer and a computer nerd--but thank goodness you picked the computer nerd! :)