Tuesday, January 1, 2008

S-s-s-ooooo cold-d-d-d!

This last week, we decided to go up to Salt Lake to see the beautiful lights at Temple Square. For some reason, we hadn't been for a couple of years. Maybe that was due to the bitterly frigid temperatures!
The lights were beautiful, especially Zack's favorite tree - the enormous pine that stands at the east entrance. It was ablaze with tens of thousands of brilliant red lights.

It was so cold, that it seemed like we were running through the whole experience. It was just way too cold to stop and enjoy each tree like we'd like to have. Then again, I guess that would create a wind chill factor that wasn't originally there. You can't really tell, but our faces were numb from the cheek bones down. Poor Emily couldn't even drink her bottle because it got too cold too fast.

Oh...to babies!


Erika said...

It was SO COLD! We had a great time with you! That tree was amazine!

Suzie said...

aaaahh. Scotty looks soooo cold. Well, you all do but his cold speaks the loudest.

SkyTang said...

Oh yes! The red tree. mmmmm, pretty. It looks like there weren't crowds of people there that night, from your pictures. Very fun

Tonya said...

HI Amber! Our freinds were here from Texas. I wanted to take them to Temple Square but we did not make it. Do you think you could send me the awesome picture of the temple you took. I would love to share it with them. Thanks