Monday, December 31, 2007


Sledding was always such a fun thing for me when I was little. Fortunately, we live very close to a large park with perfect hills for kids to sled down. Scotty and Daddy were able to go a couple of days ago for their "special day". He had a great time and only biffed it once after which he demanded that Daddy ride with him. It's kind of a funny video because Zack purposely sent him down away from the jump at the bottom of the hill. Here is the video of him sledding and then biffing it:

Today, Zack took the older three boys. I guess Scotty had enough to last him a while. They had a blast and especially loved to hit the jump towards the bottom of the hill.

I was just thinking - what a great idea for a cheap date! I wanna go too!


Erika said...

Was Zack scared he was going to fall over? What a good time. I wish we could take Mariska sledding... the closest thing we could do down here would be to push her down the stairs. By the way, she keeps asking "where's Zack?" - She's getting pretty used to hearing about Utah... she's also asked for Elizabeth, Grandma and Joseph, which is weird since she was so "scared" of him the whole time!

Suzie said...

yeeeHAW! Love it! They are so cute with their excited little smiles.
Glad they didn't break any ribs.

Aaron & Devony said...

Ah! Mostly I love the video and Zack's very profound "Oh, crud!" So funny!