Monday, January 7, 2008


After seeing the last Youtube video of Scotty jumping down the stairs, my sister has requested this one. Now, before anyone gets all upset and wants to call Child Protective Services, just remember that Scotty loves to jump off things (always has). The only problem he has is that his head is so big and heavy, that he doesn't always land upright.
We put pillows down to help, but I guess sometimes even that doesn't work out right. And, yes, that is me laughing hysterically at him - what a good mother, right?
Don't worry, he didn't even cry.


Nate & Jess & Jr. said...

I loved watching this one. I played it about 4 times. Its hilarious to see you laugh, Scotty Bewildered & then Zack throw in a hee hee at the end. Great moment.

I don't remember Scotty being so small either! He's so adorable!

Erika said...

Thank you, my day is now complete... you guys just going silent right before he lands on his face is hilarious. Then of course your laughing. It really looks like it hurt, but if he didn't cry, why not enjoy the humor of it... tough kid.

Amy said...

Your laughing made me laugh.

Budenieks Family said...

the thud is what cracked me up. How funny!

Mereblog said...

You gotta love those rough-and-tumble boys! Ben's big head and skinny little body made him top heavy for the first two years of his life...luckily he's grown into it a little more.