Monday, December 20, 2010

Tommy, Scotty, and Julie Sing!

So much has happened within the past little bit and I have been such a slacker with posting it all. Thank you to Suzie, my wonderful friend, who encourages me to continue with my blogging. She is my motivation!

A week or two ago, Tommy sang a solo in his school's Christmas choir. He was so excited and I'd have to say, he did beautifully.

A few days later, I had my 30-cough-cough-fifth birthday. It was wonderful. I got a few canning jars, some food to fill them with, a can opener, candy, jelly roll pans, and one of my dearest friends, Julie, came with her family (plus a few others) to sing to me. I have been waiting for that for months!


Then came Scotty's singing in his school's Jingle Jam. He's the one that looks like a sleepy, floating head.

Oh! Speaking of me getting old...Zacky shaved for the first time. Normally, I would say that he's too young and there is no possible way a 13 year old would need to shave, but pictures don't lie (this was towards the end): EW.

What else...hmmmmm....can't think of much except that we are having a wonderful Christmas break and that I have been cooking up a storm. Not nearly as much as last year, though. And last, but not least, I am so thankful that as of the 21st, there has not been any more of this crap in a full year!!! Blessings abound!


Suzie said...

I think the hormones in our milk make girls have boobs & guys have hairy faces earlier than when we were kids.

Tell Tommy he was wonderful!

I am glad the ambulance hasn't visited your house lately.

Erika said...

Tommy did great!! That's so much fun! I sure wish we could be there for the holidays! We miss you guys!

Wendi Oyler said...

Happy belated birthday. I get way embarrassed when people sing to me on my birthday, even the primary kids, but that was so nice of Julie.