Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dumb Movie

We just finished watching Toys Story 3. We got it for Christmas from my grandpa.

Guess what? I didn't really enjoy it. Yes, I did. No, I didn't. Yes! Nope!

Oh, don't worry. It was fun, silly, very creative, and cute...until the end when I was crying so hard I had to leave the room.

I think I may have worried my eldest son who spied me falling apart about 30 seconds before I snuck out.

*Spoiler Alert* *Spoiler Alert* *Spoiler Alert*

This movie is all about Andy leaving for college. The toys have to decide what they are going to do because they think he wants to throw them in the garbage. Needless to say, Andy ends up giving his toys away and this was extremely disturbing to me.

It wasn't the fact that he gave them away, it was that as I was sitting there watching my children enjoy this movie, I was hit square in the face that they were growing up and it kills me. I may joke about looking forward to the empty nest, but apparently, it's all a big lie. My children are what I live for, they are my joy. This period of time in my life is the most magical, amazing, and yes, it's even a sacred time in my life. What a blessing it is to have this sweet opportunity to have these near perfect little ones as my own. Sadly, I see their childhoods slowly melting away. And by slowly, I really mean at the speed of light. Pooers!

It's hard to put words to my heart's most tender feelings, but that's not important. It's getting my 13 year old to still wear a onesie and suck on a binkie so that I can keep these cute memories alive that matters the most. Creepy? Yeah, maybe a little. Disturbing? Most definitely.

Maybe my thoughts on getting a dog aren't too far off. You know, the kind that will always resemble a puppy (AKA:baby)? Ugh, but really? A dog?



Erika said...

I felt the same way! That movie was so great, but I bawled at the end for the very same reason. Sure my oldest is barely 5 but it is going by really fast. As much as I want them to get older so I can go back to school, ect... it is hard to look at the baby pictures and realize how long it's been since they were taken and how it seems like last week!!
My only advice would be too look forward to the positives that come with them growing up... Grandbabies!!

Karen said...

Amber this is Sooooo beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing it. I love you, Karen

Angela said...

Thanks for the post. You are so right! I was bawling at the end because I was thinking about the fact that Aleesha is in college. Where has the time gone??? I have told my kids to stop growing up, but they won't listen to me . . . darn kids!

The Wards said...

Well said.

Tim and Wendi said...

that movie made me cry too and I'm still in the pulling my hair out everyday stage.

Suzie said...

It's fleeting, really. The hard stages seem to drag, though...

I find my adult kids such an inspiration for my own personal self. They are such a strength to me. Something to look forward to.

Haylee and JC said...

Its scary to me to have my little ones grow up too! It goes by way too fast. I still can't believe how fast yours are growing!