Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Mikey Boy

When Mikey was a Sunbeam in church(3yrs old), he was asked to give his first primary talk. I happened to be in the Primary Presidency at the time, so my knowledge and wisdom allowed me to have a spectacular talk prepared. Just kidding. I wrote it that morning. Before we left for church we practiced it with Mikey two or three times. He had it down pat. His talk was about Noah and the flood.

Mikey's big moment had arrived. He proudly walked up to the little pulpit and looked to me for encouragement. I put my arm around his waist, smiled at him, and then I whispered in his ear, "Once there was a man named Noah."

Mikey said very clearly into the microphone with a gravely, evil voice, "Once there was a meeeean man named Noah."

My face went scarlet and I started to sweat. This wasn't going the way we had practiced. I then whispered, "Heavenly Father told him to build an ark for all of the animals." Mikey repeated it perfectly. We continued on. Disaster had been averted. Or so I thought.

I then whispered, "And then Heavenly Father made it flood."

Mikey creepily said, "And then there was blooood!"

I can't remember what happened after that. When I came to, he was smiling so proudly at me. He had done it. He had given his first talk and even had the kids spellbound. How many people can say that of a church talk - that they had the congregation spellbound?!

Mikey, I love you. You always keep me smiling!


SkyTang said...

That's classic! I love it. Good job Mikey. Thanks for the post.

Erika said...

So cute! That picture is the Mikey I still think of... I can't believe he's almost a teenager!!!

Wendi Oyler said...

I love how kids can embarrass their parents without meaning too.
Super cute picture of Mikey. I think he looks like Scott in that pic.

Linda Eldridge said...

Sooooooooooo funny. And he is still that way now, but it has developed into his real sense of humor. I love it and him. We are so blessed to have Mikey!

Wendi Oyler said...

I made your candied chicken from the BR2 cookbook and it was a hit! Suprisingly both Tim and I liked it (we hardly ever like the same thing) and even more surprising was that Jax actually ate it. Serious miracle! So thanks for the recipe.

Also were did you find winter boots for your boys when they were little? I'm looking for Tyce and I'm not about to spend 40.00 on boots he'll only wear a couple times. I've looked everywhere. Help!

Suzie said...

time for a blog post, my friend. miss it!