Monday, September 28, 2009

Missing my man

While Zack is spending the week in Hawaii, I have been thinking of some of my favorite things about him. One of my favorite is when I hear him tackle one of the boys, grab up their bare foot, and with hand poised to pop their little toes, he'll shout, "Pick a letter between question mark and 9." (or he'll pop them) They'll squeal and yell, "Boat!" hoping they're right. Zack then hollers, "Wrong - it was Jupiter!"


Oh, how I love him!


Fullmer Fam said...

My brother is weird...I'm glad he found someone to appreciate that!!
He used to play those types of games with Brig and I...We were always wrong too... Ha ha...It's easier to laugh about it now. :)

Zack said...

I haven't even been gone a whole day and I already miss being at home with you, Emily, and the boys. It isn't nearly as fun to pop the toes of the dentists that are here in Honolulu for the ADA's annual trade show. Despite my having to adapt to a humidity level that is comparable to being submerged in very warm gelatin, there are definitely some beautiful views.

Haylee and JC said...

Zach had to get the toe popping thing from Lewis. I always remember trying to keep my toes hidden from him when we were there.

Jessica said...

I just wanted to say that Zack seems like such a great Dad. I know it's gotta be hard to get on the floor with your kids & play with them after a long hard day, but he does it anyway. My hubby too. You guys don't know how much I watch and observe & admire the great Dad's! Thanks for such a great example. Sniff sniff.

Great Job on the Leftovers....we sometimes we eat the Mac-n-cheese leftovers until the noodles are gooey. Yum!

Oh, and we're gonna watch the Muppet's for Nathan's sake, and maybe it'll grow on me. Are you excited for Disney's "A Christmas Carol" with Jim Carey? I loved the same animation in "The Polar Express" with Tom Hanks.