Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last get-a-way of the summer

We were blessed to have the opportunity to stay with Zack's parents up at their cabin for the extended weekend. We had a great time visiting with our family. The boys always love time with their cousins. I've hurt my back and the house needs some attention so I'll make it quick.

Emily watching Caillou on our MP3 player. Whatever stops her screaming. Sheesh!

Mikey and Zachary on a hike with cousins Katie and Annie, Grandma and dad. They were "lucky" enough to find a half buried deer carcass. They dug most of it up and reconstructed the animal. Yummy.

Uncle Lincoln pulling Scotty, Little Lincoln, and Will for a ride.

The cousins trying to trick the hummingbirds into drinking from Mikey's cup. Mikey does this for hours at a time. Literally. He prefers doing this to riding the ATVs.

Scotty's new look. The dry air maybe?

The kids at the "lake".


Erika said...

Mikey is so cute, such an intelect! The deer thing is the nastiest thing ever. Mariska loves Caillou too, I hate it! I like the trips they take and all the things they do, but he's so spoiled!!

Fullmer Fam said...

I've never seen more patient little boys as I saw when we were at the cabin with you guys, they'd stand there, still as can be waiting for those hummingbirds to come!! :) So cute! I wish were down there with everytone.