Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Steps

Today, I ate.........leftovers!

This is really hard for me to do and I have no idea why. However, in order to try to save some money, I am trying to not let things go to waste. Last night for dinner I made low fat Chicken Tortilla soup. It was so yummy. It was even better today since all of the flavors had more time to marry. Anyway, I am so proud of myself!

As a side note, it sickens me that on those House Hunting shows, people buy 4,000 sq. foot homes to make sure that their three dogs have enough space inside and out. What a slap in the face.


Erika said...

Good job! Soups usually are better the next day, sometimes I'll make them the day before anyway.
Those house hunter shows frustrated me too, some people's priorities are SO messed up!

Shelley Eggett said...

LOL you crack me up. We watch house hunters too, and it's so funny how they are always saying, So and So had their 1st baby and their house just shrunk in size. Come on give me a break!!

P.S. I love leftovers, usually more then the 1st time around.