Sunday, September 7, 2008

Some good news!!

Yesterday, Savannah was given an amazing priesthood blessing. In it, Heavenly Father blessed her that her blood was to be commanded to flow stronger than it had been so that the clot could dissolve. She was also blessed that her brain would regenerate new, healthy cells over the damaged parts, and that she would be able to go to the temple in September to be sealed together as a family. (They already had the date set for Sept. 19th, but were unsure if they would be able to go anytime soon due to this emergency).

Well, last night, Savannah opened her eyes four separate times and looked directly at her parents!! This is so exciting! Also, during the night, though still unconscious, Savannah was moving her arms and legs around trying to get people to leave her alone and get whatever is bothering her away from her. This is even better news. She was being so active that they actually had to sedate her so she wouldn't hurt herself or yank anything out. She is actively aware that she is being annoyed by all of the tubes and her stent.

We are so happy, especially for Sarah & Juris. We love you, Savannah!


Heath & Jessica said...

This is much better news that she is actually responding & even opened her eyes! I love priesthood blessings!

SkyTang said...

that is wonderful news! Priesthood blessing are great

The Eggett Family said...

What great news - I'm sure they will continue to see many little miracles come her way!