Monday, September 15, 2008

Girl's Night Out

A group of some of my peeps and I went to Park City for a great girl's night out. We started with a wild goose chase because the lying liars lied about where their office was relocated to - still kind of fun. Then we had dinner here - so yummy.

This was so much fun. I certainly learned quite a bit about them - there's no way around it when you jabbering away until 3:30 in the morning. So sleepy!
The hot tub was great, the stories hilarious, and the company - out of this world. You guys are great!!
The best line of the night - "How's the butt stew?!?" (yeah, a bit edgy, but how else can one find out how the hot tub is from the third story condo balcony?)

Besides the silliness and the crazies, I am grateful for the wisdom I heard from all of my wonderful friends and the devotional in the morning was very inspired - I definitely needed it!
However,I can't believe that with 10 ladies, not a single picture was taken. Grrrrr......

Suzie - you are the best, it seems to get better and better every year! Thanks again!!


SkyTang said...

Sounds like a good time! Sorry I missed it:(

Laurie M said...

It was a blast, wasn't it? Don't share my nickname with anyone...can't believe I shared that one.

Stacy said...


Suzie said...

Awe. So sweet. Had a blast with you!

Jennie said...

Girls night is such a foreign concept to me. My girls night consists of closing at work with all girls or getting both of my little girls in bed! I'm glad that you had so much fun! It is totally invigorating taking time out for yourself!