Friday, September 5, 2008


Last night at about 9:00pm Savannah went in for brain surgery. Her MRI showed that the blood clot had actually grown larger despite being on blood thinners so the neurologists felt that surgery was her best option. Around midnight she came out of surgery and the doctors feel that everything went really well. They were able to go in through her upper thigh all the way into her brain. How amazing is that? They placed an 11 inch stent in the vein in her brain where the clot is to administer the meds and to enable better blood flow.

As of this morning she is still unconscious but her blood count has gone from 21 (the minimum should be 34) all the way up to 36!! Her nighttime nurse also stated that Savannah 'interacted' with her all night. This actually means that when they would touch her or move her, her body would respond and move to let them know that she was being irritated. Another very good sign. They are hoping that she will awake by tomorrow or Sunday if all goes well.

Thank you for all of your prayers on her behalf. It will be a long road ahead, but things are finally starting to look up - even if its just a little bit.

These are pictures of my mother, Sarah, and of course, little Savannah.


The Eggett Family said...

This is so Heartbreaking - I'm just sitting here crying as I read your posts. It sounds like things are looking up, please continue to keep us posted.

When things like this happen, it truly makes me take a step back and just love my kids so much more, and cherish every moment with them.

I will pray for Savannah and her recovery.

Hang in there!

wendy and brig said...

Wow, I am now crying. I hope she gets better soon. I can't even imagine how hard this is for your sister. We will keep her in our prayers. We love you all.

Erika said...

That's great about her blood count, I hadn't heard that yet. And her reacting to the nurses is a very good thing! Those pictures with her and her stuffed animals just make me cry, the innocence of it all. If it were Mariska, the first thing I would do is take her her bunny.

Heath & Jessica said...

She looks so little & defenseless with all the tubes in her. That is heartbreaking.