Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wrap your head in duct tape before you read this...

Everyone wrapped up so your heads don't explode?
A couple of days ago, a friend and I were talking about our children's teachers and elementary schools. We both discovered that we have similar frustrations and satisfactions. For us, now that Mikey has changed teachers, we are not as upset/concerned for him and his success in school and we are happy with the other boys' situations. I know that many of you have heard of our absolute disgust with the Investigations method of teaching math. Well, today, I have learned of a new "rule" imposed on the children at our kids' elementary school. I don't know if it is just our school who does this, but I am so discouraged.

They get in trouble now for dunking their cookies in their milk. They can even be sent to the Principal's office.

Oh, no! How dare those little 5 year olds! Who do these children think they are?
Does anyone else find this absolutely ridiculous? From what I have discovered, it was making too many messes. Well, anything they eat or drink at the school could do that. DUH!!!
Don't our taxes cover napkins? Don't our taxes pay for janitors at the schools? If not, let me know. How many kids go to this school? I will buy their napkins at Wal*Mart so that they can enjoy their cookies and milk. Let our children be children!

I nearly told the boys to dunk all they want, but I didn't want them to learn that just because it is a DUMB rule, they shouldn't follow it. Does anyone else think that this is way over the top?


Erika said...

YES! Holy cow, that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Who are some of these poeple who make the rules... Brent has a rule here he has to follow... everyone is worried about the child obesety problems and so the PTA came up with this rule... if a teacher is to hand out candy, it has to be milk chocolate, because milk is good for you. That way our kids don't just get pure sugar.

Budenieks Family said...

Man! It is stupid Bull crap like this that is making me seriously contemplate home school. Whats next getting a detention for scrapping thier knees during recess? Blood on the playground is destruction to school property, right? Not to mention the cross contamination of kooties! Hope everyone has had thier kootie shot!

Budenieks Family said...

p.S. I will gladly contribute to the Amber Church: Let Our Children be Children Fund!

Nate & Jess & Jr. said...

Ha! In some schools the rule is "No Gum"....and in other schools the rule is "No GUNS!"

I tell ya....its a tough one. Too lenient...or too strict!

Sounds like maybe some teachers feel they're too busy to give a kid a "wipe down" with a napkin.

(When I was in school I always hated it when the teacher would raise her voice to the class and say "I'm not a babysitter, so behave!" & I understand she's not a babysitter, but to the kid she was reprimanding...it seemed she was just tired of his KID personality.

So yes with a 5 year old kid I'd think a teacher should sign up for the job with the intent to use a few napkins willingly & quite often. And all for a milk spill for Pete's sake.

Rachel said...


what next? no double dutch at recess because the rope swings too fast? i'm sorry you have to deal with such ridiculous fools . . . oops, i meant rules.

your children were so wonderful on sunday. thanks so much for coming. and give emily a little hug for me.

Dad said...

I agree it is silly. It is good that you are not teaching the kids to break the rule just because they don't like it. One solution would be for you to have cookies and milk ready for them at home.

Lewis (Dad) said...

WHAT? I have a hard time believing this rule about dunking cookies! Do the children also have to goose-step as they march to and from their classrooms? This sounds very Nazi-ish. How weird! Is there something wrong with the water in that part of town?

Amy said...

I heard on the news a few weeks ago that kids can't even give each other "High 5's" anymore. It could hurt someone. The next generation is going to be a bunch of pansies.

(And Erika, if Brent's school is going to use lame logic like that--they are WAY off. Milk chocolate IS the more unhealthy kind! The darker it is, the less sugar it has. Just FYI.)

Amber said...

Shhhhhhhh.... don't tell them that!

Jessica said...

It sounds like teachers are finding another stupid reason to make a rule!!! Heath would die if he couldn't dunk his cookies in milk!

Aaron & Devony said...

I will help buy napkins too! Heck I will even buy wet wipes! This is ridiculous!