Monday, November 23, 2009

Journal Entries

I have to write this stuff down before I forget - which will happen.

On Sunday, a friend was telling a story about something that had happened to Zacky at their house. He was over playing with their kids and he was trying to clean up a large box of Lego's. As he was trying to put the box back into it's cubby, it would not go in all of the way. So, he tried to shove it in harder......nothing, harder.....nothing. On his last attempt, he pushed it in really hard. There erupted a loud Reeeeeeeear! and out shot the family cat. Apparently, he had been trying to snooze in the dark cubby.

The other night, Mikey was playing with Scotty up in Scotty's bedroom. Mikey tried to shut Scotty's closet door really fast. We heard a slam, then a deep, Barry White sounding scream, then Mikey came flying down the stairs and landed on his knees sobbing. He had pinched his thumb in the accordion style closet door. I have never seen a blood blister that large. It was huge!!! We always know that if Mikey is crying, it's something serious. Neither him nor Scotty ever complain of pain. Such examples would be: Scotty having his broken arm for a week before we took him in and this past week he had TWO ear infections, with barely a mention that his ear would hurt when he put his finger in it. I only had him checked after Emily had her ear infection. Oh, and this is our 5th ear infection with all of our kids. Sweeeeeet!

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Jessica said...

so interesting how kids have their own personalities (in relation to pain especially), right from birth. Jessa & Nathy are complete opposites with pain. Thanks for the tips on clothes!