Saturday, March 7, 2009

Design on a dime

I have discovered that I have an annual tradition. Every time Zack leaves on business, I get to work with huge projects on the house. What he doesn't know...right? I figure, if I can spare him the stress of my craziness, why not?

This was the first one:
My friend and I painted these "tiles" on the walls. We also painted our living room and the other walls in the kitchen. Twice - within two months.

Then, came the demolition of our kitchen: before and after.

This year, I was not nearly as brave or as energetic, so I only sanded and painted our bathroom cabinets and painted said bathroom and our bedroom. I was all set. I had a leisurely 4 days to finish everything.

Then came the call. He announced that his work had finished earlier than expected and he was coming home two days early. Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! I had yet to paint our room and bathroom at this point, though they had been both primed. I kicked it into high gear and finished everything with time to spare. This could not have been possible had it not been for my wonderful mom and gracious friend who took Emily for me during my panic.
Here is my before and after of my bathroom.

I forgot to take a before of my bedroom. Needless to say, it was a very dark teal-ish green. Gag. Now it is a beautiful, light, calming blue. As soon as I have the curtains up and the new light fixture (someday) I'll post the picture. Anyway...where was I?
Luckily for me, Zack will not have to leave again until October. I wonder what I can think up to do next...just kidding, Zack!

Sort of.


wendy and brig said...

Good job Amber, I think I need to start doing things to our house while Brig is gone too.

Erika said...

That is really pretty. I really want to paint our bathroom a light blue, I wonder if it's the same color you painted your room. I can't wait to see pictures!

Rachel said...

wow! i thought those were real tiles in your kitchen until i read what you wrote. very impressive! i love little home projects. they keep me sane.

Erika said...

oh and I LOVE the helmet!! I wish you lived here to do my house, I'm so clueless!

Tonya said...

i love the music with you new post! looks great. way to go on your home projects!

Jessica said...

Oh that looks so awesome. You're house just keeps lookin' better & better. I mean I'm sure you're not perfect with clean all the time, but it cleans up good! I love your decorating. I would love to re-paint our poop colored brown walls & our poop colored ceiling fans that were here when we moved in.

I don't think that tile look will ever 'get old' to me...its so neat & tidy & creative & real looking.

Ahh..calming blue!

Laurie M said...

I miss those days of doing projects. It will have to wait until Klarah is in kindergarten. The bathroom looks great, you ambitious woman!

Aaron and Devony said...

I'm loving the tiles in particular and the cabinets look fantastic! Gotta love the "do it while he's gone" projects! Great job!

Shelley Eggett said...

You are GOOD! I wait until Kent's home to start projects because I want his help :)

Your Kitchen tiles look awesome and so real. I love the bathroom cabinet. It looks similar to mine.

Love the Helmet, who would have thought of that?