Sunday, March 1, 2009


Don't let this cute, innocent little face fool you...

1. Emily starts to talk at 7am and then decides to go back to sleep. Not a big deal if you are able to go back to sleep easily. I ended up laying there for about an hour and a half until Scotty starting causing problems, but that's a whole different story.

2. Emily woke up about 2 hours later soaking wet. Apparently, the little lush had too much to drink at grandma's house last night.

3. Ten seconds after removing Emily's diaper for her bath, she piddles on the floor. Yep, way too much to drink last night.

4. Emily was so cranky that I ended up putting her to bed a little bit before ten.

5. We got to church on time and she was actually in a decent mood until "it" happened. She was so excited to get the water for the sacrament that she nearly grabbed the tray when it was on the row behind us. When it was our turn, she was still standing on the bench next to me. I had one hand around her arm to steady her and as I grasped the water tray, she took a large lunge forward. To her surprise but not to mine, there was no bench underneath her step. As she started to fall, she threw her hands out to stop herself. She grabbed the water tray and it didn't just dump the water, it all splashed upwards and then fell all over the both of us and Scotty. My shirt, skirt, shoes, Emily's dress and shoes, the floor, the bench, and Scotty's pants were all wet. Really wet. The tray had to have been holding an extra gallon or two on the bottom.

She then continued her descent to the ground below and started to cry - loudly. I kind of sat there dazed and seemed to not know what to do next. I clumsily put the tray back together and then I gave her her sip of the sacrament (priorities, right?). Apparently, this made her even angrier. I handed my now empty sacrament cup - which was not empty from me partaking but still empty nonetheless, to Zacky, picked up Emily and stood to leave to go clean up. Little plastic cups tumbled to the floor around us as we walked out of the chapel. So embarrassing. It also happened to be our ward conference so it was extra crowded.
Then as the final "kick her while she's down" moment, I was hoping to get the sacrament when they came out to the hallway, but as I was speedily approaching the lobby, the deacon looked right at me, I held up my hand to signal him that I needed it, and he went right back in.

6. I just can't get enough of her!


Laurie M said...

Good times at church with the Churches. I can totally see Klarah pulling something like that on me.

mom said...

Hi Honey,
Her precious little face doesn't 'fool' me, but I love anything she does, even her 'moods'. I just wish Zack had been here to see it.
You poor thing. Fortunately, these things make great memories that will be really funny later. Hey, and isn't it great that she is anxious to get the sacrament? Was it Deacon Duh that had no clue how desperately you needed the comfort of the sacrament after that 'incident'? Guys just don't seem to 'get it'. Can't wait to get her tomorrow. Love, Mom

Wendi Oyler said...

oh man, I always miss the exciting things. At least I might get some sympathy from you when I end up with the water tray in my lap because I know it is bound to happen.

Heath and Jessica said...

How embarrassing! One of those times when you wish you could crawl under the pews & hide!

Fullmer Fam said...

What a little angel!
CJ always makes us laugh during the sacrament - he grabs his piece of bread - or we give him the water, he takes it and says "mmmmmmm" really loudly - then says "mmmooooooooorrrre" even louder. It's so funny! Not as funny as little Emily though... :)

Shelley Eggett said...

Oh goodness, sounds like a really fun day at church!

Jessica said...

Oh yes...if its not sleeping roulette at night, its in the morning. I'm a light sleeper too. They need to manufacture Toddler-Proof Cages...OOOps, I mean Cribs so the elder kids don't cause trouble.

If it makes ya feel any better everyone was stuffing Nathy Boys face full of sugar last time we were at Grandma's and he threw up on the car ride home. What is it about people wanting to make kids happy with sugar? I'm guilty of it too.

Don't worry the Deacon must not have little siblings. How ruuuude.

Oh & thanks for keeping the blogging going. It seems ever since Facebook the Blogs are being neglected. Lets keep 'em goin'!

Tricia said...

We didnt hear a thing--besides our own kids whining.. No worries!

Jennie said...

I thought it was classic! I've always thought it would be me that this would happen too. It's come close a couple of times thanks to Clara. I thought you handled it with such grace. I was really impressed. And the boys did a great job of cleaning up with a little help. I'm sorry it was such a rough day for you.

Aaron and Devony said...

What a darling photo. We've had many similar experiences here lately (especially the ones involving bodily fluids in not right places). The joys of babies right? Emily sure is a cutie!