Monday, November 3, 2008

Pity Party - My house 7pm sharp

As Lucille Ball would say..."Wahhhhhhhhhh!!!"

I am so sad right now, not that I wasn't expecting to be. My bigger worry is the combination of Congress and the new President. If anyone wants to join us for a pity party, come on over.

We will be discussing topics such as:

*How to say good-bye to free speech without creating a scene. (The Fairness Doctrine)
*Best places to hide your guns if you are actually able to keep them.
*How best to cling to your God.
*How not to have your job become unionized.
*How to frame artifacts - This week's piece, The Constitution.

Tongue in cheek? Maybe, maybe not.


Stacy said...

Thanks, Amber. I was starting to wonder if Peter and I were the only ones mourning today. And I love the list of topics. :) I too am feeling anxious about what the next 4 years will do to our treasured freedoms here in America, but maybe by then, people will have decided we've had enough liberalism. Great post!

Heath and Jessica said...

I am mouring too. I enjoy all the freedoms that I have & don't want to give up any of those!

Matt and Brooke said...

I love this piece you wrote. You really hit it on the head. These people in our country, who voted for Obama, are so stupid. They do not realize what THEY have just unleased. We need to have the American people stand up to our new tyrant leaders.

I thought I would be in mourning last night; after I saw the election. However, with the "homo bill" over-ride in California and Florida, I have hope. The conservative views, such as holy marriage, has been intact(for now).

Now my hope. I Hope that, the Americans, who so devilishly fell into their emotions, and voted without substance. Will continue to preserve the conservative standput. We need people to stand up, speak out, and push to keep the once great country, Alive.

Keep writing these blogs Amber. Let people know they do not stand alone. We will win this country back.

Matt and Brooke said...


Jessica said...

My heart just sank when he won.

Jessica said...

Amen Matt & Brooke. Pretty soon they'll be wanting to permit 3rd party know like marrying your Pets....they can't procreate either. (sorry if that's too bold Amber, I won't feel offended if you delete this. :D )