Monday, November 17, 2008

Fourth fourth

Thank heavens a friend tagged me with this one. I had been drawing a blogging blank recently. I hate that. I am practically up all night if I don't put up a new post within 4 days. It drives me bonkers. So, anyway, here is my fourth photo from my fourth folder. The only problem fourth folder doesn't have a fourth photo, so I did the next best thing. This is a picture from 2002 and it's of Mikey and Zack showing off. Cute little Zachary is in the background. Obviously, talent runs deep in our family.

I'll tag Erika, Shaunell, Jeana, and both of my Jessicas. Suckers!


Suzie said...

Again, evidence of a truly talented family.

Turning my eyelids inside out is one of my true talents.

But that picture still made my eyes water.

The Eggett Family said...

I was kind of thinking it had been a while since you've posted. I love to turn my eyelids inside out like that. It takes talent :)

Laurie M said...

Thanks for playing. That is both funny and gross at the same time.

SkyTang said...
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Fullmer Fam said...

There's my big brother. Some things never change! :)