Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Tonight we celebrated Emily's first birthday. We love her so much and she has brought unimaginable joy into our lives. We still find ourselves looking at each other and saying "I can't believe that we really have a little girl". Definitely a miracle for us.

What started out as a horrible day turned out to be a great time with our family, good food, snow cones, and party poppers for the kids. To make a very long and discouraging story short, I'll just tell you about the cake. I'll spare you all and leave the other awful stuff out. Anyway, let's just say that the cake was a total nightmare. On Wednesday, I went to Wal*Mart to pick it out. Big mistake. When I went to get it three hours before the party, it was not even close to what I had wanted. It was supposed to have lots of big pink roses on two of the corners with smaller lavender accent roses. Instead what I got looked like a cake for an old ladies tea party. Blue was not to be anywhere on my baby's cake, but the biggest and ugliest flower was sky blue! Grrrrrr.....
It was a chocolate cake and there were chocolate crumbs all throughout the white icing and the writing looked like a 87 year old epileptic did it. Wait, that's actually being rude to the epileptics out there.....they could have done a much better job.
Anyway, since no one can make a large enough girly cake in such a short amount of time, we had no option but to use the monstrosity Wal*Mart likes to call a cake. This picture of the cake doesn't show how bad it really was either.

I have always loved how Zack's family harmonizes the Happy Birthday song.

...and apparently, I should be in a Primatene Mist commercial.

Emily was given lots of girly presents - THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! All of our current toys are either all generic or all boyish. However, I came downstairs tonight to find her walking her new baby stroller and trying to drink from her doll's new baby bottles. I get teary eyed just thinking about it - sad, huh?
Her all time favorite gift was from her Daddy. It was a mirror. She loves looking at herself, and to be honest I think we might be in a little trouble for the future.

(I think someone is sending you all kisses in the background - just kidding!)

We have had so much fun having her in our family and we love her so much! We have been greatly blessed to say the least. Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby Girl!


Erika said...

We're so sorry we missed it! What a cutie. She looks so sweet! I'm sorry about the cake but I'm sure everyone had a great time!

Amy said...

Did you at least give the Walmart people a swift kick? (Go to Sam's or Costco next time...they have THE best cakes.)

That was the most beautiful "Happy Birthday" song I've ever heard. I felt unworthy just listening to it.

Emily is very cute. You're lucky people!

wendy and brig said...

Sorry about the scary picture of me in the background. I hate pictures of me but that possibly could be the very worst! We had a great time seeing you all. Wish we were still there. Love you all!

Suzie said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

(I love how Zach instructed her to blow out the cake)

The Eggett Family said...

The cake didn't look all that bad, it was definitley still girly, the writing was a little sketchy though, they should really hire professionals to make professional cakes, don't ya think? How fun to get all the girly stuff for Emily. I couldn't think of one thing to buy for Kendra, we have TOO many girly toys. We need a boy so we can start getting boy toys. Happy Birthday Little Emily!

Heath & Jessica said...

I am glad we got to see you guys at the reunion! Emily is such a cutie pie! Too bad about the Wal-mart cakes. We have learned that what you get from Wal-mart is usually second rate. I agree Costco cakes are much better.

Tricia said...

So fun--They are getting big--small party next week for Em, Cam, and Macy??

Jessica said...

Nathan Jr. & I love the singing clip. He keeps saying "again, again" when its over.

At least the most "special day of your lives cake" wasn't looking Gothic like our 3 tier Wedding cake from Wal-Mart did. Yah you can't trust Wal-Mart for your special day. We asked for pastel pink & maroon flowers. Instead we got Hot Pink & almost Black flowers. We say "oh geeze" every time we see a picture of it. But I can totally understand not wanting ANY Blue on the cake since this is your little girl!

Fullmer Fam said...

We were so sad we missed this guys!! Happy birthday to Emily!! :) It's okay to be a tomboy ya know! ;)