Monday, November 26, 2007

Never before seen footage!

This is for you, Dad (Lewis)!
Zack was cold ! Zack is never cold. He even turned the heat up. Usually, we keep it at 60°, but last night he turned it up to 65°!!!
I had to take a picture of him all covered up so that people would believe me. He was even wearing sweats under the blanket. Who are you and what have you done with the real Zack?

I think he tought that Emily was cold as well.


Amy said...

I hear as you get older, you get colder.

Emily is so cute!

(Do you have a current address for Bro. Church? I have the one from their old house...the big one in P.G. But I saw it for sale a while back and am guessing they've moved by now. Sadly. That house was AWESOME!)

Erika said...

She is so cute!! And 60?! Really?! I FREEZE at 68!!!

Dawn said...

Amber, you are so funny! I can’t believe some of the things you admit to! I love it! And your little girl is so cute. By the look of Zach’s cheeks he really wasn’t cold, he just had to make something up so he could snuggle with this angel.