Thursday, November 8, 2007

Am I the only one?

  I think I'm either overly needy or just plain nuts. You see, my computer is my link to the "outside" world. Sure, I go grocery shopping, carpool everyday, take care of my calling, go out with family, - all that kind of stuff, but when it comes down to it, my computer is my lifeline. Whenever I put up a post on my blog, I almost instantaneously hit F5 expecting a comment to be waiting for me. The disappointment is pathetically real when "0 comments" shows up. The same goes for my emails. I probably check my inbox and my blog about 30 to 40 times a day. It's embarrassing that I'm even telling you this. I'm trying to cut back - I'm sure that it isn't very healthy. Every once in a while, the thought will cross my mind that if I hit F5 too often it will break or wear down to a useless nub and panic always sets it. Am I the only one who waits on pins and needles awaiting the feeling of validation from others? By-the-way, Zack is mortified that I am actually posting this, but who cares?  
Oh, wait, I do !!!!


Dad said...

Because we have slow dial-up Internet access, I go to the blogs only once or twice per week. I check my emails 2-4 times per day, so I guess 30-40 is a bit extreme.

Mereblog said...

Ditto for me, but when I'm home with the kids all day that outside link is essential for me. I posted Klarah's nursery this morning and was so excited to see that someone (you) had left a comment about it.

Erika said...

I'm exactly the same way! I have msn instant messanger up all day... it shows how many unread emails you have and I check to see if Amy is on, to chat, all the time. If someone sends me an email during the day, odds are I'll have read it within 15 minutes... my nights are different with Brent being around. By the way, I added to Mariska's video post.

Erika said...

It feels good to be just as lame as you are. Does it help if one person leaves several comments?

Suzie said...

Amber, I don't think you're weird at all. Maybe quirky, but not weird.
I have loved the world of blogging ever since Jourdan clued me in on it a year ago. I personally love stories of people's lives. The truer the better.
Comments are nice...I like the pro active way people will approve or ditto that which I post, but ever since I put a sitemeter on my blog I am more fascinated in the people that come to my blog and read & "lurk" (the proper blog term for looking at a blog & not commenting)
I have hundreds of hits a wek from all over the world and that just fascinates me (& creeps me out a bit too)
Tell Zack that the best part of your blog is your honesty. Especially when you reveal QUIRKY things about yourself.
You're neat. keep it up.

Suzie said...

Hey, and think about this. More posts=more comments.
So, give us more of those cute kids.

Aaron & Devony said...

I totally am with you Amber on seeking validation from others. I currently only have internet in the evenings when Aaron comes home from work, so that's the only time I'm online, but during those hours I keep my email and blog up all the time! When I had internet all day, I was online constantly. I miss it a lot now. :( Anyway, you're not a big nerd. You're just like the rest of us!

Nate & Jess & Jr. said...

Oh no don't feel alone! I LOVE getting comments too!

I look at it like your in a room full of friends and you want to talk with them instead of going to sit & read a book in the corner. IE: Comments & E-mails v.s. No Comments Or E-mails.