Monday, November 26, 2007

Gobble - gobble!

What a wonderful holiday! I love having a full day set aside to spend time with our families and to focus on our gratitude to our gracious Father in Heaven. We are so richly blessed. This year we were able to have our celebrations twice. On Wednesday we all gathered at the Eldridge home for an early Thanksgiving. It was a very yummy, fun time. If I remember correctly, there were 6 different types of pie! Now, that's my kind of Thanksgiving! Then, early Thursday morning, we traveled to Zack's parent's cabin in Eastern Utah. It was so peaceful and we had a great time visiting with his siblings and their families. The boys had a blast going on hikes and discovering new things like what it feels like to be "bitten" by cactus and that deer poop everywhere! Grody, dude!

After Zack and his brother, Lincoln, put in the new floor of the great room (only about 30' by 30') we had a very tasty Thanksgiving dinner. I guess that instead of singing or dancing for our dinner this year, we only had to do construction work - just kidding Mom & Dad!

We went around the table saying one thing that we are thankful for and Zack said that he was grateful for his parents and their invitation to the cabin and a stable job - to which his dad said, "I didn't know you worked with horses." *GROAN* Then Zack said, "No, just some horses behinds." *DOUBLE GROAN* We all had a great weekend especially Scotty. He refused to take off his coat, mittens, and the helmet all weekend - he even fell asleep using the helmet as a pillow.


Erika said...

That sounds like a great time... he slept in a helmet?! I can't believe that, Mariska won't even sleep in the car.

Zack Church said...

Actually, Scotty slept ON a helmet. The helmet was sitting next to him on the couch in my parents' cabin, and Scotty slowly drifted sleepier and sleepier until he fell completely asleep, with his head resting on the helmet that was sitting next to him.

Nate & Jess & Jr. said...

Looks like a good time.

You did your Great Room? that your living with the T.V. in it?...or did you just re-do the dining area? Sorry I can't tell which room from the picture.

How convenient for Scotty...and You. Dressing them has gotta be a challenge at times!

Erika said...

comfy... still, I can't believe it when kids can fall asleep without actually being in bed. Brent and I almost want to just keep Mariska up and just see how long it would take for her to fall asleep without being in bed... we're interested to see, but at the same time I seriously think it would take like 2 days!