Friday, September 3, 2010

Best Commercial Ever

As great as this commercial is, truth be told...I'm gonna miss them.

For about 8 minutes.

It's hard for me to see them go back, but I also rejoice in this time because they are growing, learning, and having fun. It also means holidays and colder weather. (Pretend to be shocked that I just said that.)

Here they are, in their new duds for their first day of school. Please pretend that Zachary's shirt is a nice, new polo or button up. Sheesh.

Zacky 8th Grade - Dude

Mikey 7th Grade

3% in weight - Awe yeah....

Tommy 4th Grade - 'Mary Poppins' (Practically Perfect in Every Way)

Scotty 1st Grade - My Baby Boy aka: Guillermo


Erika said...

I can't believe they are so old!! I'm so excited for Mariska to go next year!

Shelley Eggett said...

Such Handsome boys, you must be so proud and I say that sincerely. What an awesome group of boys you are raising. Awesome and Handsome!! P.S. I wish I had Mikey's weight problem.

Fullmer Family said...

WOW!! I cannot believe all your kids, except for little Princess, are in school!! When did all that happen? Sheesh!! Probably while I've been up in the frozen north eh? They all look so handsome and ready for school! Give them hugs from us! :)