Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The writing's on the wall

Oil & Food

I am so frustrated with our government right now - who isn't?

Drill here, drill now. It's not a permanent solution, but in the mean time it is our oil & coal, we need to use it not China or India. Everyone blames Big Oil for high gas prices. However, if you have ever had any business classes, you would know that an 8% profit is nothing.

I can't stand the argument that because gas prices are too high we should all just buy hybrids. While this might be the optimum choice, I am not about to go spend $40,000 plus, to save money on gas. First of all, I hate feeling like I am being forced to be "green" (gag) and second, I can buy a ton of gas with that 40 grand and have plenty left over.

With all of the flooding of the corn crop in the mid-west and the shortage of wheat, the price of food is going to sky-rocket and it's just going to keep getting worse. Some may say that if everyone calms down and they don't go out and hoard stuff, there won't be a problem - not true. Being calm does not magically make more food grow.

I know that some may roll their eyes at me or think that I am a crazy fanatic, but while they laugh or groan...I will be prepared.

I have come up with short-term food storage and long-term storage. The short-term being much more tasty, the long-term more for survival. If you want help with either, let me know. I have a list of 37 super yummy different dinners that come from food storage. When I say yummy, I mean stuff like Chicken Alfredo and the tastiest Oven Fried Chicken I have ever had.

In our city, our streets have been broken up into "blocks". Each block has a captain & a co-captain. About every 6 months we are supposed to have a block party. This way we all get to know and befriend one another. At the parties we also go over our emergency plans such as where the first aid station, the morgue, the day-care will all be. Everyone of them that came had said that they just feel that something is different this year and that they decided to plant extra in their gardens - The Ants. We compared what each has planted, which makes it easier to see who we can trade with (if it really came down to that). This may seem harsh, but it also allows us to know who is doing absolutely nothing - The Grasshoppers.

Another good idea is to stock up on one or two items that you can barter with. Be sure to think of something that is a near necessity that some people might not even think of storing.

I feel so much more at peace knowing that I am preparing instead of sticking my head in the sand. Other than my family and blogging, food storage & personal preparedness is my passion. I get such a rush from it. Like I said, if you need help or some easy tips, just let me know!


Jessica said...

We're researching on the "proper" ways to store gasoline too. We have a slightly cool/cold crawl space we might be able to store some down there since gas prices are headed to "Arm & a Leg."

The Hendricks Family said...

That is great that you are not putting your head in the sand. I would love to hear about the ideas that you find. Hopefully you will put them on your blog.

Suzie said...

I smell a series here on your blog.
Seriously, please share in your positive/pro-active ways!

Amy said...

Amen! What is the deal with the gov.? I cannot understand WHY they won't drill here! It makes common sense...guess that answers my question.

Amber, would you email me (amyloo789@yahoo.com) some of your food storage recipes and any other tid bits about family prep you wanna throw in? I've been working on my food storage, but I'm still a newbie at it and could use all the help I can get!

You should do a monthy/bi-monthly post about helpful family preparedness tips since you're guru.

Erika said...

I am so scared about not being ready! Our main issue has been no left over money to buy extras and no space to store anything... now that we're getting into our house, we'll have plenty of space to store, but no money... I'm just going to start slow, like the church says and buy one or two extra cans/cases of stuff at a time! Man I can't believe the huge list of things to spend money on... there's never enough, no matter how much you make! Any suggestions would be great... I love email.

Jessica said...

okay so the gasoline fumes are WAY to strong to store ANYWHERE in our house. Even the closed off crawl space. If only we had a garage, but even then......peeeeeeewwwwww!

Fullmer Fam said...

I'm always looking for tips...I feel CLUELESS in this department!!