Saturday, June 14, 2008

A man after my own heart

Two years ago for Christmas, Santa brought Tommy an Easy Bake Oven. He has been incredibly patient with me. This has been only the 2nd treat he has been able to make in a year and a half! I am such a slacker!!
Here is a photo of Tommy with his culinary masterpiece - two chocolate chip cookies.

I think that a Blackened Chicken with the Hotsy Saucey will be next!


Erika said...

That cookie looks so good! Did he have to share?

Aaron & Devony said...

I LOVE that Tommy has an Easy Bake Oven! Way to be an unbiased parent with the "girl" and "boy" toys! You're awesome!

Stacy said...

The thing I hate about Easy Bake Ovens is the fact that they make them pink. What is with that? My boy's love to cook and it makes me so mad that they make it seem like it's only a girl thing.
So, anywho, I have boycotted the EB Oven. You really do make just as much of a mess making a whole batch of cookies as apposed to two cookies.