Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crocodile Dundee Jr.

A few weeks ago, Mikey's grandfather bought him a small knife to use on his camp outs. He does, after all, have his Tote-N-Chip card. Which apparently means to Mikey, that he is fully entrusted with knives and all that goes with them, regardless of his less than stellar judgement and self-discipline.

Anyway, after he returned from his camp out, Mikey asked, "Can I get a machete?"

Zack, very tongue in cheek said, "Gee, I don't know Mikey, let's go ask your mom."

When he asked me, I hemmed and hahhed for a few seconds, and then said, "No way, Jose."

So then, Mikey asked, "Then can I get some throwing knives?"

Is this kid serious? Why is this the only thing I can picture at the moment?


Erika said...

That is so cute!! I feel bad that he wants stuff he can't have, but the fact that he doesn't understand why he can't is cute...

Shelley Eggett said...

Ha Ha you crack me up!