Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cha-ching, baby!!

I have really developed a love for couponing. It is challenging and yet, extremely rewarding. This week, my newest discovery is that all of the Utah Valley Wal-Marts double their coupons (up to a dollar) every Tuesday. When you couple that with their best deals and sales, you can have a very fun time.

I bought all of this for only $21.35. That is an average of 66.7 ¢ per item!!!

We're talking brownies, donuts, pickles, potatoes, chocolate chips, and so much more!

In recent months, I have been spending like mad trying to get my family's year supply. I used to spend around $1,000 to $1,200 every month on groceries. ACK! It was weird, but I never could seem to get past the 6 month mark either.

Since I have started couponing, I am down to less than $400 per month (total) and I also have finally reached my goal. We have our year's supply. Please don't think it's the cannery stuff either. I have plenty of that, but that's not what I am including as my year supply. It's all the GOOD & YUMMY stuff - most of it name brand, too! (not that I really care). I never thought it could be done for 7 people and I especially never knew I could do it so quickly and so inexpensively. I have only been couponing for about 4 months, too.

I know that it's because of two things: couponing and making it a priority with the Lord. I was once told that once you make your food storage a priority, the Lord would help you. He would put sales and opportunities in your way to take advantage of. Boy, has He ever come through for us. I am so grateful for my new found hobby.

Now, please don't thing that I am bragging (even though I am just a little bit - I am so excited!). I just want people to know that it can be easy, quick, and anyone can do it.


Erika said...

Brag all you want! That is something to be seriously proud of!! I'm jealous!

Torri P said...

I agree...brag away! Couponing is a talent....one that I REALLY REALLY want to learn! I watched the coupon show on TLC ...HOLY SMOKES they saved SO much!! Way to go on the 1yr of storage!!

Dad E. said...

Amber - Wonderful, and congratulations. I love you. Dad

Fullmer Family said...

I SERIOUSLY need some coupon tutoring Amber. :) For real, I'm not kidding, I'm clueless. Luckily, for our bank account, the girls keep me home so I'm not out spending too much money...The girls literally are my coupons. :) But we also need food. ;)

Haylee and JC said...

Yay!! I love couponing. Its the greatest thing ever. And way to go for the 1 year for 7 people. Thats fantastic!

Devony said...

Yay! It totally gives me a high when I do that! Congrats!