Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The worth of 2 cents

A penny for your thoughts, remember that old saying? How much can thoughts really be worth?

Some thoughts/ideas can be priceless. Here are two of my current thoughts. They race through my mind at breakneck speed and they will not leave me alone. They are a constant in my life right now.

1. Grow a garden.

2. Work hard on your food storage.

I know that so many people tire of me blabbing on and on about this subject, but I feel that it is vitally important. If it wasn't, then why have our modern day prophets counseled us to do so? How much longer will people either hide their heads in the sand or pretend that nothing bad can happen?

Hard(er) times are coming. Better safe than sorry.


Erika said...

"Better safe than sorry" is absolutly the way to think about everything! We're going to work on our garden soon. I'm hoping to get better at couponing for food storage... if only we didn't have to choose between food storage, pay down debt OR savings account... I hate having to figure out what's best!!

Haylee and JC said...

I really want to talk our landlord into giving me a little piece of unused ground here at our apts for a garden.. And I agree on food storage. We already have a great food storage for how young we are and I am grateful for it everyday! Good Luck!

Shelley Eggett said...

Thanks for the advice, I don't know about you but the recent earthquakes have freaked me out. Now I keep thinking, what in the world would I do If kent was in Chicago when a big earthquake hit, or anywhere for that matter. Scares me!