Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Most Boring Post Ever

1. Emily was stung by a wasp - yet another reason to go out of my way to hunt them down...

2. My house has never been cleaner - I have never been more insane.

3. School starts tomorrow for Zachary - JUNIOR HIGH!!! I am so excited for him!

4. School starts Thursday for Mikey & Tommy. Life will be just that much more crazy.

4. School starts next Wednesday for Scotty - can he really be old enough already?

5. So tired I apparently have forgotten how to count.

6. This is the first year EVER that I didn't want them to have to go back to school. WOW.

7. I am really looking forward to some mommy daughter time...so excited - hope she'll start to enjoy being with me. Dad seems to be her main squeeze right now.

8. Still looking/waiting for our miracle - no, not a baby!

9. Zack and I have gotten emotional with the cooler weather we've been having - can't wait for more!

10. I am still laughing at our jokes we had prepared for our talks two weeks ago but didn't share...not really funny though. Sad.

11. I have discovered that I am addicted to FB and still eat popcorn and Kit Kats nearly every night.

12. I am starting to feel old because I hate the t-shirts out for young girls - "To be honest...I'm a liar" ugh! What kind of girls will my sons have to deal with when it comes time for dating and marriage - why is being ladylike so unpopular?!?

13. Even I am getting bored with this post - I'll post 1st day of school pics soon-ish.


Erika said...

It must be really exciting to just have one at home! Weird though. I hate all the shirts and things out there now. I don't get the pride behind low morals. Truth be told I worry about the same thing for our girls when it comes to boys!

Laurie M said...

Keeping the house clean to sell it...UGH!!! I really thought to myself at the time "If I can do this for a few months I can do it forever" but that was certainly not true and my house has never been that clean again.

Fullmer Fam said...

I like that post Amber...What does that make me?! :) I can't believe Scotty is in school! That's crazy!! Enjoy your time with Emily...how fun.

Shelley Eggett said...

Wasn't a boring post for me. Isn't it nerve racking having to get your house clean for showings. I hated it. How's the house thing going anyways? Any takers? Have you found a new home yet?