Monday, February 16, 2009

For Journal's Sake

At first I was bummed...then pacified...then eternally grateful. Quite honestly, the idea of having to spend Valentine's evening at the adult session of Stake Conference was not my idea of a romantic evening. Then it was announced that Elder M. Russell Ballard was to be there and to speak to us. WOWSERS!!!

Zack and I carpooled with my mom (my dad had to chaperone a BYU singles dance) and we sat on those lovely and super soft metal chairs. Funny how looking back, I can't remember being uncomfortable at all. The speakers were wonderful. I remember them so clearly. President Meek was great - so happy to have him as our new Stake President. We also were blessed to listen to Elder Richard W. Wheeler (our Area Seventy) - he was funny and his talk really opened my eyes to certain realities. We even based our F.H.E. on his talk. So wonderful!!

Anyway, Elder Ballard was also so fun to listen to. When he entered the room, everyone stood and was absolutely silent. The Spirit touched us as we watched him come in. We are so blessed to live in a time when the Restored Gospel is on the Earth. The Spirit bore witness to us that an Apostle of the Lord, Jesus Christ was in our midst and was about to speak to us. He taught us the importance of learning to listen to the promptings of The Lord through the Holy Ghost. That Zion is really within our hearts. After the closing song and prayer, Zack and I were able to shake his hand. It was so soft - probably the softest one I've ever felt. He smiled at us and continued on... This event will go down in my personal history as one of the choicest experiences of my life.

The next morning, Sunday, we were able to squeeze in to hear him and others again for the main part of the Stake Conference. We arrived about 40 minutes early and were about 3 rows to the last in the gym. (We have a large stake. Not all of the wards were able to fit at the stake center, so the other wards had satellite coverage at the other buildings.) So crowded, but well worth it. The kids were all so reverent and well behaved. Even Emily was great until the last 15 minutes. Not bad for being in one spot for three hours.

Now, I can't imagine a better way to spend Valentine's Day.


Fullmer Fam said...

That is AWESOME!! :)

Amber said...
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Dad E. said...

Amber - Sounds wonderful. And I am thankful that you have the attitude that you do.

Love, Dad

Suzie said...

It really was amazing. So grateful to have been a part of it.

Shelley Eggett said...

I loved it all! I got to shake Elder Ballard's hand both nights. I had the same feelings at first about it being on Valentines, but after going I can't think of any other place I would have rather been.