Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Date night is the best night EVER!!!

Ok, so Zack and I have finally figured out a way for the kids to still have their special night out with dad and still be able to go on a date. This involved us moving F.H.E. to Sunday night and making their special night be on Monday night.
Anyway, we love having our date night, and we have a blast no matter what we end up doing, but we are kind of out of ideas for what to do. Dinner and a movie, dinner and a walk at Temple Square (or elsewhere), dinner and sledding are about all we have come up with. At least now that the weather is warmer, maybe we can visit the driving range, but that might get old pretty quickly.

Does anyone have any fun ideas that you typically do on your date night? I guess that I am more boring than I thought I was...sniff, sniff.

P.S. I need help, but if anyone dares to even suggest eating cereal on the roof or bowling in formals, I will hunt you down.....


Stacy said...

I have a great makeout spot for you, that is always super fun!!!

Erika said...

I'm so jealous! Once we move we really need to find a family to "swap kids" with for date nights. Brent and I have always had a good time with a simple frisbee in the park. We also like to go to IKEA or other furniture places and talk about ideas for decorating. We used to love taking our little bbq up the canyon. Since we don't have a date night we often play card/board/video games after Mariska is in bed. One day I want to go horseback riding. I'm pretty boring, that's all I got... besides the obvious going to a movie.

Zack Church said...

I love doing outdoor stuff too--especially hiking and biking. However, there's one big problem with planning any outdoor activity that involves Amber... BEES. It's not just the bees themselves, but even the "false alarm" bees tend to cause problems. Even if we're on a nice leisurely stroll on a paved trail in the canyon and she catches a glimpse of a yellow Volkswagen bug out of the corner of her eye, watch out... she'll be running like it's the second week of July in Pamplona Spain.

I just can't wait until Zack Jr. turns 12 and Emily's a little older... HELLO, FREE BABYSITTING!!

Budenieks Family said...

How about a big dinner and a nap. Sounds like heaven to me.

Tonya said...

Dinner and a movie sounds great. Maybe we are boring or it may be I have not seen a movie(besides kid movies) in ages. I always enjoy a meal with JR and not having kids screaming or holding onto me. It's a chance to finally actual taste what I am eating. We enjoy playing games....we are both really competative so it's pretty exciting.

Suzie said...

we've had 22 years of dates together and a few of them are memorable!
love to go to a location (Garden Park Ward up by East High, up a canyon, to a park, etc.) take a notebook, or a book and read, sketch or write together. take photos at these places.

love people watching at the mall, or airport
Barnes and Noble, books & treat
free concerts in Utah County
Thanksgiving Park Gardens
Beautiful Drive over Corner Canyon/Suncrest
Frisbee Golf
Drive up to Tibblefork on a full moon night
good deed night (just choose someone one, and do it!)
Salt Lake City Cemetery (where all the prophets are buried, with a map)
Sundance Hay Ride/ski lift ride
Equestrian Park in Lehi or South Jordan

fave restaurants;
Asian Star Restaurant in Sandy
Market Street Grill in Cottonwood
The Pie up by the U of U

We're nerds!

Suzie said...

whoa. that's a record...
sorry so long. you asked!

The Eggett Family said...

We are boring too. We always go to Dinner and then go walk around Target, Home Depot, or Walmart. I've enjoyed reading the comments for ideas.

Aaron & Devony said...

I really enjoyed reading the thoughts too! We were just talking about date night tonight since we are at the point now where Sydney is getting harder to take everywhere and we actually have someone to get away from when we go out! Thanks for all the tips!

Tricia said...

We're trying to spend money just once a month for date night--plus get together with one of our "couple" friends. So we go to dinner at a really nice place and the rest of the months-- yardwork, walking (with the kids in strollers), cheapolla stuff

Jessica said...

Well all we could think of was that picnic we just went on. Those can be a lot of work thought with packing up all the food & sunscreen.

There is a "Trout Farm" near us. If you catch a fish it's $4 a pound though. Maybe its "really" yummy.

You guys look very cute-n-cozy on your date!

Haylee and JC said...

Well I think everyone gets into the date night rut... JC and I never know what to do. But here is what we usually do.
Dinner and Movie
Workout together... I know weird date night activity
play board games
Rent movies from Red Box
Ride bikes
Ok thats all I can think of. But good luck!