Monday, October 29, 2007

Picking the bugs out of our teeth

This past weekend was quite exciting. First, my 40 - count 'em - 40 burning bushes arrived. So far, they are very skinny tall things, but if I'm patient, they will be gorgeous someday. About half way through the planting we stopped for a day of fun with the family. We went 4 wheeling. It was my first time, but Zack has been many times. I was a little nervous when we first got there because of all the bullet casings and shotgun shells. Apparently, this area is also used for target practice. Anyway, we had a great time and the best part for me was when I was the driver and Zack was the passenger. It's a rough ride back there and I certainly pushed the limits of his back strength. The boys had a blast and even discovered a lovely carcass. No, we can't take it with us!
Oh, yeah, we did wear helmets, just not for the pictures - not to worry!


Erika said...

Is it sad that "where are your helmets?" was the first thing I thought? Sounds like you had a great time. Hope your bushes grow well!

Amber said...

No, it's not sad. I try to make Zack wear one when he is up on a ladder or up on the roof. He refuses, but at least he wears one on his bike.

Zack Church said...

Yeah, imagine how much of a laughingstock I'd be, patching the shingles on the roof or hanging Christmas lights with a helmet on. People would probably come up to me and talk all loud & slow, using small words so I could understand them.

Nate & Jess & Jr. said...

Oh but the carcus would look so nice hung on your newly painted walls!...NOT!

I really admire your cute family for getting out there and having such fun family activities! Makes for all the endearing memories!

I've been 4-wheeling a few times and THEN I hear about all the accidents people have had on them, and count myself lucky I guess! Ya gotta "live" a little though.

Erika said...

I support Amber in the helmet on the roof thing! Unless of course you've got good life insurance... just kidding, I would feel better if Brent wore one while on our roof, when we actually get one!